NHK’s Misaki in parasol and undressing versions, ETA November ’05


This ad appeared in June’s issue of Shounen Ace, released today. After checking the official site it seems there was no need for me to scan it (see here). Regardless, it brings us the news that a) volume 3 of Welcome to the NHK will be released on May 26th, and b) volume 4, slated for a November 26th release, will be released in a limited edition version with an alternate cover illustration and a Misaki figure, which can be switched between “odekake” and “datsui” modes (“going out” and “undressing,” respectively). The ad in Ace comes with an order form attached, which will be accepted along with 1,890 yen until July 20th. I’m not sure as to how available this will be aside from the preorder, but I assume it will be shipped to stores in some quantity.

In other news:

  • [EROGE] The industrious fellows at Lilith-Soft’s Black division are cranking out yet another title, set for a May 28th release: Dorei na Kanojo.
  • [EROANIME] According to Shintaisou Makoto is being animated, with the first volume to be released on June 24th.
  • [GOODS] The official Genshiken site has posted information on the contents of Unbalance Fighter Beta, and how to obtain it (note that the screenshots there are mockups and not from the finished game, which will apparently have only three playable characters).
  • [EROGE] A few sample CG images are up at Alterna’s Shirokuro site.

There’s nothing there yet, but as I continue with these news updates I’ll gradually be phasing much of the material that’s been regularly posted to these news updates into the “Coming Attractions” section in the sidebar, where items will stay along with their pertinent information until they’re released. I’ll note additions to the sections briefly here, but otherwise try not to clutter the post space with things like eroge CG updates and the like.