I wish they all could be double-barreled

  • [EROGE] Terios’ Magical Canan ~Risea~ site has been updated with several new sample CG images as well as a preview of the special edition “Triple Futuring Box” release, which will contain several extras, including a copy of the original Magical Canan, a quiz game, and this book. With a release date of April 28th, Terios/Yokota Mamoru fans might want to check this one out.
  • [EROGE] No release date on this yet, but Shirokuro is a promising title coming out later this spring/summer. Not only are the designs pretty cute, but apparently you get to upgrade the girls’ mobile suits as you find parts and fight a mysterious alien menace in the ruins of a wrecked space ship. Seeing this makes me wish I had managed to snag a set of Konami’s mechamusume before they disappeared.