where does it go


  • The first episode of Basilisk aired on the 12th. I intend to review it soon in some half-assed fashion.
  • More information on the Kirameki Project OVA is available at the official site.
  • The official Futakoi Alternative page has been updated with various bits of information.

Eroge Corner

  • Galge.com has a roundup of April 15th eroge releases here, all twelve of them.
  • Alice Soft has posted a demo movie for Pastel Chime Continue here, and on the 15th the OP movie will be available for download as well.
  • More information on Black Lilith’s latest title, Ura Settai Chokyouka, is available here.

Odds and Ends: PVC Edition

  • The Clayz Saber I mentioned in the last entry is now available for preorder from Toranoana, along with a Tohsaka Rin PVC figure also designed by T’s system.
  • With recent updates to both the Goodsmile (Tenma, Tessa) and Max Factory (Jibril, Reni, and a surprise Shiranui Mai) pages, nearly all of the items previewed at the 2005 winter Wonder Festival are now showcased online.