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Not much in the way of news from the past few days, but here’s a nice scoop: according to both the magic book down at KinKonKan and HLJ, this Saber sculpted by T’s system will be released by Clayz as a PVC kit in July, retailing for 6,700 yen (tax included). Prime those wallets.

In other news:

  • [EROGE] A playable demo of Futari is now available at DEEPBLUE Soft’s site, as is episode four of Sato Yukino’s Tim-Tim Paradise web radio.
  • [FIGURE] Also slated for a July release, Goodsmile’s Tsukamoto Tenma PVC is available for preorder at Toranoana and HLJ.
  • [ANIME] From the official annals of the Tokyo Anime Fair comes this year’s attendance figures (83,966 people over four days, with the breakdown here) and dates for next year’s event (March 23-26 2006).
  • [ANIME] Official confirmation from Sunrise of the upcoming Mai Hime sequel is here, along with a larger image of its protagonist, Arika.