recovering from futakoi – but do I want to? edition


  • Animate has a Futakoi Alternative afureko cast commentary hot from the studio here. I may give this one a shot at translation later.
  • The third Rozen Maiden cell phone game from Konami came out on the 6th, and is reputed to feature Suigintou.
  • It seems that the entire first episode of He is My Master is available for streaming download here, for free, provided that you’re willing to play it in Windows Media Player 7 or higher with its new DRM enabled.
  • More info on the upcoming HiMM maid cafe event can be found here. From 4/8 to 4/17, CURE MAID CAFE and Cafe Mai:lish will be putting on the ritz, alligator not included.
  • A Spectral Force Chronicle OVA will be coming out on June 22nd.

Eroge Corner

  • According to this very authoritative image found on this very authoritative message board (kek kek), beginning in October of this year eroge will no longer be able to depict characters of age five or younger. Others with a greater vested interest in this topic will no doubt uncover further details regarding the change provided that it’s legitimate.
  • Karutagura is oozing atmosphere at dangerous rates and is likely to explode on 4/28. Even if you hate sad girls in snow this is still worth a click, if not a purchase.
  • Heart Bringan’s Meido-san wa Hitozuma site has been updated with a few new sample CG images.
  • Here’s more info on the first of three Suigetsu drama CDs, this one to be released on 4/22.
  • This is a hot piece of doujin software with a hot main character and I am linking it because it is hot. [Artist Site]

Odds and Ends

  • There is a Mushihime promotional video up at Cave’s official site.
  • The Mushihime soundtrack is coming out on April 19th for a cool 4725 yen and will include a PVC figure of Reko-hime.
  • Vanilla Animation has updated their site with further information on a couple of their upcoming releases.

In other news, Gokujou Seitokai had a solid and entertaining first episode that was unfortunately overshadowed last night by Futakoi Alternative’s majestic peerlessness. I’ll certainly keep watching Gokusei and may wind up reporting on it officially sooner than later. For now I’ll just say that it’s a lot like Marimite with a kick-ass hand puppet in the place of the Virgin Mary. Also more wacky sight gags, face faults and general silliness all around; not a bad combination.