double the pleasure, double the fun


The official site for the third upcoming Aniplex show of the year, Kamichu!, is online here. Apparently the series will begin serialization in Dengeki Daioh with this month’s edition of the magazine. According to the website this is the story of an ordinary junior high girl in a quiet country town who wakes up one day to find that she is a god, and wacky hijinks ensue. The manga will be drawn by Hanaharu, so it might be worth checking out.


  • Animate TV has a new Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo promotional video available for streaming here.
  • Ichigo 100% has an official site for its collective properties up here. Not much in the way of information on the anime yet, although I can’t say that I’m looking very hard.
  • Canvas 2 is being made into both an anime and a PS2 game, for those who can’t get enough of harem eroge ripoffs.
  • Toei Animation has a press release up regarding the upcoming Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z anime.
  • Both TV Tokyo and Comic Blade have official Erementar Gerad anime pages up.
  • The background image of this new Loveless page is somewhat suspect.
  • The official Aquarion page is constantly being updated with information for those interested in this newly begun series.
  • The site for the Japanese version of Wonderful Days has been online for awhile now but I only just watched the trailer today. If anyone can bring new life to the travesty that is the Wonderful Days plot it would be Gainax, but I suspect even their wizardry won’t be able to compensate for it in the end.
  • The sites for Trinity Blood and Kore wa Watashi no Goshujin-sama have both been updated recently.
  • Two similarly-designed series are on the horizon, Love Pheromone and Soreyuke! Gedou Otometai, the latter of which translates to “Go! Heretical Doctrine Maiden Force!” Aside from the hotly frumpy designs somewhat reminiscent of Puni Puni Poemi both of these shows look interesting and I’ll be investigating them further in the next few days.
  • Game Site EG has reports from the 2005 Tokyo International Anime Fair here, here, and here.
  • Episode 11 of Radio Bin-Kan Dokuro-chan is online.

Eroge Corner

  • Is moetic drifting an oxymoron? Tail to nose, side by side! Moeru Downhill Night attempts to answer the burning question on all our minds.
  • Terios has a new wallpaper up for download. At the rate they’re churning these out I guess Yokota Mamoru is finally back on his feet, which is the best news I’ve heard in awhile.
  • The distribution of FlyingShine’s Kurai Mirai 2 was cancelled at the last moment due to “mistakes in the CG art” that need to be redone, and the release is now scheduled for April 14th. One wonders whether this decision was based on actual artistic merit or a censorship issue.
  • Black Lilith has a page up for their next release, Ura Settai Choukyouka.
  • There is a very nice wallpaper for the month of April available here from Ankh-Soft (.lzh alert).
  • has an exclusive scoop on new software brand Poasha and their first release, available for download on April 8th, Kosutte Gin-Gin ~Daiikkan: Waitress-hen~. The [bb] fans are going to appreciate this one.
  • Heartbring has some omake up on their Sempai ga Fiance!? page.
  • The third installment of Satou Yukino ! Tim-Tim Paradise web radio is available for download at DEEP BLUE online.

Odds and Ends

  • The Few. The Proud. The Maritan.
  • Here is some information on Kotoko’s second album, apparently slated for a June 1st release.
  • Deadly Dancing Butterfly, a Touhou remix album to be released on May 4th from circle UI-70, is available for preorder from Toranoana here.
  • Urushihara Satoshi has a new artbook out.