in which the unexpected occurs

Today was the application due date for participation in Comiket 68. My application is not complete. This is the fourth time I have spent ten dollars on that blasted application packet. I could present an array of compelling excuses as to why this time didn’t pan out, but it would be pointless; I have failed in the endeavor yet again and that’s all there is to it. This makes me unhappy. Perhaps next time I will be fueled enough by this sentiment to actually see it through.

I said I would never post e/n here, but the following does not qualify. I got a phone call at work today from my parents telling me my Grandma had passed away yesterday. She died without pain, without sinking into dementia, and surrounded by a loving family. She was a wonderful person and I’m sad that she’s gone, but she left in a dignified way, after leading a full life, and if we each have our own personal salvation she has no doubt achieved hers. I’m envious, in a way, but mostly happy; this is the way she wanted it.

Somehow tied into today’s karmic knot was the real surprise event: I stopped by the local hobby shop, and for the first time in a month managed to catch the fellow working there who I’ve had dealings with in the past. We talked about new models coming out (I broke down and ordered GoodSMILE’s Saber), King Gainer, and Sunday’s upcoming Wonder Festival. He mentioned that his garage kit circle would be participating, and then, out of the blue, told me that the third fellow going had dropped out and asked if I would like to come along.

There is really no need to continue the story from here. Suffice to say that, pending approval of the third fellow involved, I’ll be in a car at three in the morning this coming Sunday headed for the Big Sight and the event that is the garage kit/figure/model equivalent of Comiket. Two additional pieces of information are pertinent: the first is that like Comiket, Wonder Festival apparently also has a cosplay section; however this one is devoted to all the folks with guns and swords and items longer than thirty centimeters that they couldn’t bring to the other event. Also unlike Comiket, photography is allowed in the exhibit halls. Needless to say, should this operation prove successful a lengthy report will be forthcoming.