pirupirupiru pipiru pi

The face of American Junk is going through a gradual transformation under the gracious auspices of shut. All praise his wine and ale!

I am attempting to pull my Comiket application together. This is a difficult process due to the reams of kanji and multiple forms that must be filled out in triplicate. It is due on February 14th. We shall see if the mission can be accomplished in time.

The idea I have for a doujin submission is An Illustrated Field Guide to the American Otaku, or アメリカンオタ類図鑑. This would be like Moetan only with illustrations of ugly American anime fans and their environs instead of cute girls and remarks about them written in good English and bad Japanese instead of bad English and good Japanese. That is to say, nothing like Moetan at all. If I succeed in my application I will probably sell three copies at Comiket and use the rest of the print run to fill in the hole in the underside of my floor that is threatening to grow wider and spill my possessions onto my roommate’s car. It’s a win-win situation.