happy birthday mamiko!

It is rather difficult to deviously surf MOON PHASE listings while at work, and after treading on moetry.org’s toes last week with a couple of news items I realized that perhaps trawling for links of interest shouldn’t be the explicit purpose of a daily update here, as it is already done well elsewhere. Instead I will only post items from time to time that I find of particular interest, and perhaps elaborate on them with text which you can read or not read, or not read or not read if you have lobotomized yourself for the sake of reading raw JPEG data so you can look at porn at work without actually looking at the pictures.

First off I want to mention Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan once again. This is the story of a whimsical angel by the name of Dokuro who wields a large spiked club and comes from the FUTURE to stop the (male) protagonist, Sakura, from inventing a technology that permanently traps all females in the bodies of 12-year-olds. Dokuro appears from within Sakura’s desk drawer, ejecting it rather violently and killing him in a geyser of blood. She revives him and decides she wants to change the future through some means other than killing him, which is odd because she is the one who usually winds up decapitating him accidentally, but I digress. The powers that be decide that they want him permanently dead after all and send another angel, Sabato, to come down and finish the deed. So it looks like your typical love triangle: two angels with lethal weapons and a hapless guy caught in the crossfire. A Dokuro-chan radio show is currently airing, short versions of the OP and ED have been released, and there is a drama CD out; the OAV beings in early March.

I’d like to wish Noto Mamiko a belated happy birthday; her 25th was yesterday. She seems to have no problem finding roles these days, so here is hoping that she is well fed on rice and miso soup and will be able to voice many characters for years and years to come. And marry me.