Comic Market Preparation

In preparation for Comiket 67 I have developed a three phase method for the acquisition of purchase targets. Phases one and two are complete, and phase three will probably be completed tonight, with an addendum and possible further amendments leading up to the convention.

Phase 1: Open links in tabs.

Folder of artist websites is opened in tabs to check for presence at the convention. This step also allows obsolete sites to be pruned. Repetition of phase 1 is advised at least once prior to the event due to the capricious nature of the artists involved.

Phase 2: Check physical media.

Search formerly purchased doujinshi and doujin soft for information on favored artists, then input into searchable catalog or browser to ascertain presence at the event.

Phase 3: Browse catalog.

Examine the full catalog for new circles of interest or those somehow missed in the prior phases.

This con I am compiling circle location information in a spreadsheet prior to plugging it into the catalog for printing. With over 100 circles of interest currently listed, I plan to opt for the most streamlined map-printing method possible, which has the downfall of lacking any circle identification information whatsoever. Instead I am relying on a color-coded system of priorities to direct my path when on site at the event.

I could continue writing long-winded drivel regarding Comiket navigation strategy, and probably will. Suffice to say that strategy is required prior to the event if you want to buy more than one or two things there; the venue is huge and crossing it expends valuable time. Standing in line expends valuable time. Fighting through impassable thickets of otaku expends valuable time. Priorities must be clearly established before entering, based on estimated line length, estimated product availablity after the event, and desire for the product. When you’re on the floor line length becomes the wild card, along with the shifting tides of human traffic that make some areas of the floor nigh-impassable. It takes split-second judgement to decide whether to press through a stretch, navigate around, or leave it for later. To quote some random fellow from last winter’s Iitai Koto Box, “Comiket is war.”

This is a terrible place to end this terrible entry but I must go home now. Good-bye.