Both Re: Cutie Honey episode three and Genshiken episode four were quite satisfying. The former ends with a tip of the hat to Eva, but not a tip that goes as far as knocking the hat entirely off. It is a fitting end to the trilogy but leaves me longing for more, a longing which only Spork can sate through their continued release of the original series. Despite the plethora of merits Gainax has infused into its remake, the original Cutie Honey retains a certain charm that Re: did not choose to replicate; in her 70’s incarnation she is kick-ass and she knows it right from the start.

Genshiken 04 was a quality episode with hideous animation. Ohno appears in a manner different from the manga, cutting out a scene that was certainly worth triaging but would have been fun to see animated anyway. Hell, every frame of manga with Ohno in it deserves to be animated – provided the animation is not done by a C-team studio filled with blind, three-fingered octagenarian monkeys with Wacom tablets or perhaps Americans as this episode was. The characters’ faces and appendages change shape and proportion regularly as if they were adolescent doppelgangers not quite secure in the shape of their freshly-killed prey. The moments of the episode best served by this monstrous animation were ones that didn’t rely heavily on anatomical accuracy; namely the tussle between Kasukabe and Ohno in Ohno’s apartment and Kasukabe’s final nekomimi mode rampage.

I continue to be amused by the changing image beneath the ending credits, which each episode features the members of Genshiken sitting around the table in the club room, but in slightly altered positions or small animations based on the content of the episode preceeding. In the case of episode four, everyone was pretty scuffed up and battered. Based on the preview, it seems that episode five will correspond with chapter eight of the manga – Genshiken’s threat of closure by the student council and Saki’s attempted blackmail to prevent it. Should be a good one.

Tonight is School Rumble, which I will watch with zeal. ZEAL. Episode five, I believe.