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Welcome to the NHK! Chapter One

is complete. Feel free to download here and compare with the plethora of other versions that seem to have suddenly appeared.

Nihon Hikikomori Kyoukai

lol relin


Both Re: Cutie Honey episode three and Genshiken episode four were quite satisfying. The former ends with a tip of the hat to Eva, but not a tip that goes as far as knocking the hat entirely off. It is a fitting end to the trilogy but leaves me longing for more, a longing which only Spork can sate through their continued release of the original series. Despite the plethora of merits Gainax has infused into its remake, the original Cutie Honey retains a certain charm that Re: did not choose to replicate; in her 70’s incarnation she is kick-ass and she knows it right from the start.