Yokota Mamoru fans rejoice: not one, not two, but THREE Terios games are coming to the screen in the next six months.

First up to bat is Angelium, incarnated as an H OAV with its first episode released on September 18th. I can’t link to the official site while I’m at work here, but there’s a torrent over at hongfire that is still active. Highly recommended.

Coming down the pike in January we have Magical Canan, an older Terios title being given an entirely new look. This show will probably please fans of Komugi more than fans of the original Yokota designs, but I’m happy to take it either way.

Finally, in April the anime treatment is coming to Ikinari Happy Bell. The official site listed on Moon Phase is Toei’s generic anime site, which has no specific information about the series yet, but it’s safe to bet that it will be all ages. I’ve played part of the game, and from what I know about the plot it won’t be worth much beyond the character designs – but that’s what hooked me on Terios from the start. This particular show should be worth it for Shoko ([bb] [maid]) if nothing else.

With all this anime in the works, it’s a bit odd that there isn’t a new flagship Terios game in the works to be hyped right now. This could be because Yokota has been whoring himself to another company (link forthcoming), but it seems like a missed opportunity – or maybe I just want a new game to fap over.