Summer vacation is over, and every child in Japan except the hikkikomori and the girl Nevada killed is returning to school today for the beginning of the second academic term of the year.

Unlike last summer’s Comic Market, Comiket 66 began hot, humid and partly cloudy. No chance of rain on the first day, just sunburn standing in line for two and a half hours and then cosplay photography for an hour or so after that. Got drenched with sweat. The second day was much like the first; wake up at five o’clock, catch the six-thirty train, get to the Big Sight by nine and get scorched for a couple of hours before entering the relatively cool interior of the convention center. The last day finally decided to turn rainy, so instead of sweat we (I and a friend studying abroad here who I dragged along) got soaked by rain, which in hindsight was preferable as it was much cooler. For PORN DAY we caught the first train out of town at 5:11 in the morning and were standing in line by 7:30. We made it into the Sight by 10:30 and as usual all hell broke loose.

I wound up with a good bit of what I had come for and felt relatively satisfied, for a Comiket; I don’t think this is because I got more of what I was aiming for than I had managed to snag at prior events, but because I’m now resigned to failure. Triage is a necessity at Comiket; cutting off gangrenous limbs that are the A and SHI booths and focusing on the small, short-lined but low-stocked less popular acquisitions that are likely to sell out before noon. All the big stuff is obtainable after the fact in Akihabara or online anyway.

This Comiket clinched the fact that it’s impossible for me to shop effectively for more than one person (myself) at the event. I had long lists from MARGATROID and Saber that I only managed to snag a few items from, and on my final sweep around the venue in the afternoon found the vast majority of what they wanted had already sold out. Alas.