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A Modest Proposal

If the Japanese stop procreating, who will draw my cartoon porn for me when I’m a bitter old rheumatic man living in a cardboard box behind Kinokuniya in 2050’s New York?

oh I need a title here

more Rance VI and exhaustion

Eroge Preview: Rance VI

I started playing Alice Soft’s “Rance VI” yesterday evening. The feel of the game is pretty similar to Rune Soldier Louie except with sex. You play “Rance,” whose motto is “All the women in the world are my playthings! Gya hahahaha!” Unlike Louie, Rance is actually able to lend this statement some truth. At the […]

Manga Review: School Rumble

A couple of weeks ago I decided to start hacking my way through School Rumble, for no better reason than it had furigana so I wouldn’t need to constantly resort to the kanji dictionary.

natsuyasumi ga owarimashita~

Summer vacation is over, and every child in Japan except the hikkikomori and the girl Nevada killed is returning to school today for the beginning of the second academic term of the year.