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My name is Ohno Kanako.

Early this past week I was made aware of Genshiken. By Friday I had joined the group translating it (Jinmen Juushin) as the manga’s new head translator. Between these two events I found myself in the posession of the first three volumes of the manga and the latest volume of Afternoon, in which it is serialized. I also found myself swept away in the throes of passion by Ohno Kanako, who is hands down the hottest and most desireable two-dimensional character ever depicted by the hand of a Japanese. Person.

In which Marimite rocks


I am a bear. I like bears. STOP RUNNING AWAY AND SAY IT WITH ME

Yesterday was Sunday, and I had to work. One of the few times a year when all of the teachers at my English conversation school are required to gather in one place is the annual Tatebayashi business fair, where we wander around and press gang the locals into taking overpriced conversation lessons. As usual there were too many of us for the size of the fair, and it was raining on and off to boot, so we mostly used the opportunity to bitch about our company.