A couple of bits of eroanime news across the e-desk this morning: first up courtesy of Getchu is a preliminary look at episode 2 of Warau Kangofu: THE ANIMATION. Based on the Yonekura Kengo eromanga by the same name the first volume came out on October 26th from Pink Pineapple, and according to the Getchu listing this second one is scheduled for release on January 25th. In other news, a trailer is now online at the official MS PICTURES site for the final installment of Shin Bible Black. Firefox isn’t cooperating particularly well with the flash implementation there so you may have to view in an alternate browser, but it’s worth booting the dreaded IE to take a gander – looks like quite the climax to the series. As we reported earlier, this final episode is slated for release on December 25th. (no more)