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Sekirei Musubi, Tsukiumi hug pillow announced

A preorder listing went up at Chara-Ani yesterday for a Musubi and Tsukiumi dakimakura from the anime version of Sekirei. Images of the product weren’t initially available, but today the listing was updated and we now have a look at what’s being offered. The pillow features images of Musubi and Tsukiumi that appear here for the first time, but also on other items as well (oppai mousepads and telephone cards); pillow dimensions are unknown, but appear to be different from standard dakimakura size. Preorders are open until June 14th for the pillowcase, which retails on July 17th at 7,140 yen. Images below:

[ERO] Figure Review: Movic’s Tsukiumi PVC from Sekirei

When it comes to Sekirei I must confess my guilt: like the manga’s hapless protagonist I am unable to choose who among his harem is highest in my affections (though Musubi does have a slight edge on the others); today’s favorite is the token tsundere Tsukiumi, due in no small part to the release of this very nice figure from Movic. I’m not usually a huge fan of the tsundere character type, but I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see cross her arms below her voluminous bosom and gaze at me sternly with just a hint of petulance…

Figure News: Movic’s Sekirei Tsukiumi, Yamashita Shunya Cocona now on sale

Just a quick heads up that Movic’s [ERO] Tsukiumi PVC figure from Sekirei [Play Asia] and their original Yamashita Shunya designed Cocona figure [Play Asia] [J-List] both shipped to retailers yesterday. Mine should be coming in tonight and I’ll be reviewing them here in the next day or two (still working on Clalaclan and Fasalina), but those waffling on the purchase might want to act fast, as I’m guessing Tsukiumi especially will be gone from shelves with alarming speed. You can help HD out by ordering from the links above should you so desire~. (no more)