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Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro OVA ep. 2 trailer online

Eroge, eroanime, and otaku goods online shop Getchu updated their Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro OVA ep. 2 product listing last night with a 1’54” trailer for the upcoming eroanime episode. As we reported earlier the episode is scheduled for release on June 27th from Nihikime no Dozeu (a heretofore unknown subsidiary brand of Anik) and features the same talent combination of Taka Tony and Kuroda Kazuya that brought the first episode to fruition two years ago. Based on the content of the trailer it seems the episode’s animation is largely complete, but the voices have yet to be recorded; regardless it’s a great preview of what’s to come. (no more)

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Anime News: Macross F trailer online

We’ve been tracking the production of Macross F since it was first announced in March that a new “utahime” was being sought to star in it. She was found, and today we get our first look at Satelight‘s tour de force that brings together the talent of mech designer and writer Kawamori Shouji, composer Kanno Youko, character designer Ebata Risa (responsible for [ERO] this) and director Kikuchi Yasuhito in a trailer, at least, that is looking quite simply spectacular. The series seems to be Kawamori’s to screw up at this point, but hopefully the rest of the production staff won’t let his more bizarre flights of fancy get too far out of hand. We’ll be watching closely for further news! (no more)