Via Moon Phase: Word is in from the official Wright Staff president’s blog that Tanaka Yoshiki‘s serial novel Titania is to receive an anime adaptation. Titania is described in its Japanese Wikipedia article as:

Humanity’s advance has spread colonies through out the breadth of the vast universe, but the majority of them are under the control of the Titania family. In the year 446 of the star calendar, trouble arises surrounding one of the family’s special interests in the galactic city-state of Eulia. They send in a force to repress the uprising, but it is unexpectedly driven back.

Using this conflict as an opportunity, groups discontented with the Titania hegemony begin to move. Coupled with discord sown internally among the family members, an era of strife and terrible upheaval is ushered in for the galaxy.

Beginning in 1988 three volumes of the Titania novel have been published to date. Those familiar with Tanaka’s earlier work to receive anime versions such as Legend of the Galactic Heroes and The Heroic Legend of Arslan will no doubt find this an interesting development; we’ll be watching for further details on what could be the next great space opera anime. Update: Iwa ni Hana brought news two days ago regarding a manga adaptation of Titania as well. Their coverage has more information about the title as it relates to Legend of the Galactic Heroes; definitely worth a quick read. (no more)