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The story behind Himajin’s disappearance

June 30th, 2007 was a black day for eroanime fans, the day that studio Himajin closed its doors forever… or was it? When brands Amour and Suzuki Mirano appeared it seemed that the collapse of Himajin was short-lived, and that its reincarnated forms would carry on development of old Himajin properties uninterrupted. The actual story is a bit more complex, and required some digging around in Japanese Wikipedia to unearth; read on for a look at the tangled web of brand shuffling that led to the current state of affairs in one corner of the eroanime industry:

[ERO] Anime News: new eroanime brand Suzuki Mirano launched, flagship title dubbed “Grope”

New eroanime brand Suzuki Mirano opened its official site on October 29th, along with the news that the first title in its production pipeline will be “Grope: Yami no Naka no Kotoritachi” and is based on the 2003 May-Be Soft eroge by the same name. Looking at the character designs and the font used in the page’s promotional text I’d bet dollars to donuts that this joins Himajin and Amour in the Anik brand portfolio, but with the current lack of information on the site it’s impossible to say for sure. It seems we can expect a full site opening some time in December. (no more)