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Site News: HD represents at AX 2007

HEISEI DEMOCRACY WORLD TOUR 2007 LIVE AT ANIME EXPO aka. posting from inside a J-List cargo tub (details inside)


Heisei Democracy mascot character Demo-tan has been Lucky-Starjacked, courtesy of the Flash and Photoshop-fu of CMWilly over at Clockwork Machina! I’m pretty sure most of us are familiar with this visual meme by now, but for the curious here is a link that explains all. Lucky Demo wallpaper available below:

Site News: Heisei Democracy May 2007 statistics

After April’s rather profound rise in access due to people realizing that we were actually updating again (!!), May was more or less a plateau, punctuated by a mid month Kotakudot. The most popular page after the Ero tab was once again the spotlight on creator Happoubi Jin; with that now replaced we should see some change here come the end of June. While it’s not really news, those interested in more detailed graphs can find them below:

Creator Spotlight: Sano Toshihide

Illustrator and character artist Sano Toshihide has been a force in the eroge world for almost a decade, towering over the industry from his frosty palace in the Hokkaido tundra like some lofty northern king of yore. He has seldom deigned mere mortals elsewhere in Japan with his presence, and while I’ve been partial to his work for years I’ve never taken the close look at his portfolio that it so richly deserves. That changes today in this, our next installment of stalk an artist the Creator Spotlight!

Site News: HD forums back online

While not integrated into the front page yet, the forums are indeed back up and running. Why will they stay up this time when the past several attempts have failed, and why should you join? I can’t think of a single reason for either, but we’ll be giving it the old college try once again and maybe this time they’ll learn to float on their own. All semi-sane anime, manga, figure, and eroge fans of good will and sound English are welcome aboard! 日本人の方も大歓迎です!掲示板のソフトが英語ばっかりだけど…(汗) (no more)

Site News: new poll online – Moe is?

In the neverending quest for a definition of the elusive moe this month’s poll goes for the minimalist approach: I’ve brainstormed ten words that I think may in some way be reflective of its meaning, and it’s your mission (should you choose to accept it) to pick the one you feel most closely encapsulates your relationship with the concept. If you’d like to discuss your choice, or if the word you would choose isn’t on the list, why not post it to comments? Results of the previous poll below:

Doujin News: Comic Market 72 event catalog available for preorder, sale dates set

Online book shop Mangaoh has put up a preorder listing for the Comiket 72 event catalogs. The book version will go on sale July 21st, with the CD-ROM following a week later on the 28th; the event itself takes place August 17th, 18th, and 19th. Cover illustration duty will be handled by Amemiya Yuki and Ichihara Yukino of circle Yukimachiya.

It’s never too early for the Comiket hype to begin! HD will be there as usual, and we’re thinking of organizing some sort of shindig following the first day of the event to make merry and gird our loins for two more days of battle in the trenches – more info on this “HD meet” as it develops, but feel free to mark your calendars now if you’ll be in Tokyo in mid-August. (no more)

HD Golden Week event coverage roundup

HD ended Golden Week with all personnel accounted for, wallets battered but largely intact. We had an unprecedented footprint at various events throughout the week, including the M3 doujin music and multimedia market, Comic1 all-genre doujinshi convention (with video!), Dream Party eroge expo and World Hobby Festival garage kit sales event. If you missed any of the above coverage do not despair, the magic of the internets will allow you to view the above-linked posts even now!

In other news, updates may be a bit sparse for the next week as we’re all back to our regular work schedules (and I’ve got a doujin event next weekend, and books don’t draw themselves…). We’ll try to stay on the ball should anything unexpectedly awesome come out of the woodwork, of course. :3 (no more)

HDTV Episode 02: the Comic1 experience

In between hunting down doujinshi and documenting the avian wildlife of the Tokyo subway system Shipon unleashed his camera fu at the first ever Comic1 last Monday, April 30th. He brings us a rare look inside the halls of doujindom tonight in our second installment of HDTV: a man, a camera, and the burning spirit it takes to spend a day blurring out faces.

Event Report: Comic1 doujinshi convention

Shipon spent a pre-Golden Week 5 days in Tokyo, taking in the sights, collecting photos and content for HD and, oh yeah, getting along to April 30th’s Comic1 – the touted replacement for the now-defunct Comic Revolution convention. Tales of recognition, doujin and a mysterious loss of cash ensue. Also, pigeons!

Event Report: World Hobby Festival Ariake 16

The 16th incarnation of World Hobby Festival in its Ariake location occurred yesterday, May 5th 2007. HD was there to take in the event for the first time, and came away quite satisfied by what turned out to be essentially a miniaturized version of Wonder Festival. Despite occupying only one of the Big Sight‘s voluminous West halls the event still had a lot to offer garage kit and figure enthusiasts – more than enough to break one man’s wallet and fill his camera’s memory with tasty photos. Read on for the low-down on WHF, and more pictures than you can shake a reasonably large stick at. Warning: while this post isn’t tagged as ero, it does contain some adult content.

Shingo Note: Back from World Hobby Festival Ariake 16, report coming soon

I made my way to the Big Sight today in pursuit of the garage kit and figure action I missed at Wonder Festival Winter 2007. I found it there in spades, spades so large that they can’t be processed in one evening; to tide us over until we can get the full review cobbled together here are a few highlights from today’s event:

Close encounters of the hug pillow kind, April post ranking, Golden Week event coverage, and other site news

HD exploded back to life in the month of April, a flurry of activity that resulted in all sorts of zaniness including two links from Kotaku and one just yesterday from the Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute (your one stop source for all the hug pillow news that’s fit to print). In the shamless theft of an Akiba Blog tradition we take a look today at the site stats from the past month, present a ranking of the most popular posts and look ahead at what you can expect to see at HD in the near future. There’s nothing like making news out of newsmaking!

Editor’s Desk: Pearls Before Swine? An opinion on the Gurren affair

The fifth episode of Gurren Lagann is about to air, but before it does I’d like to get my opinion on the whole mess out in the open. What it boils down to is this: we otaku are boorish and tasteless, Gainax is stupid and delusional, and none of this is very surprising (aside from the extent of Gainax’s cluelessness, but not of what you might think).

New site poll: your stance on hard-to-find items

In an ideal world creators would produce their work in such volume that everyone who wanted a copy could obtain one at a fair price, the proceeds then returning to the artist to support his or her future endeavors. Sadly this is not the case, with garage kit makers limiting production runs to the dozens and PVC figure manufacturers to the hundreds or low thousands, not to mention doujin artists who entirely neglect sales beyond their close circle of friends or eroge companies unwilling to sell outside Japan. (continues)

Site News: HD Akiba meet today

Shipon is in Tokyo this weekend for a Gonzo studio visit and for Monday’s Comic1, so I’m heading down to Akihabara today to meet up and chill (and fulfill my requisite quota of consumer whoredom, of course). Will probably have an evening update or two, but for viewing in the interval I recommend the newly available demo movie for Ane wa Ero-Komi Henshuusha. Truly a fine example of the craft! (no more)

Editor’s Desk: Room(s) With a View

Shipon, Seiya, and Shingo (say that three times fast) represent today with a compiled glimpse into their various havens of otakudom. If you’ve been wondering what makes the minds behind this site tick, wonder no more…

Site News: Life in HD

Those versed in the moon language will know that there are two kanji for the word moe: 萌 (sprouting, budding, this) and 燃 (burning, blazing, this). For the past few weeks HD has been doing both at the same time, resulting in a) a dish of charred bean sprouts that nobody wants to eat and b) a bunch of site updates and improvements, largely thanks to jetfuel (all praise his elite hacking skills!). It is the latter the following post purports to expound upon:

Creator Spotlight: Happoubi Jin

It takes time and effort to contact creators, correspond with them and eventually pin them down for an interview, which is why this column has languished in the sorry state it’s in. I’ve decided therefore to ditch the high production value in favor of making this an “appreciation” corner of sorts, where I gush about arbitrarily chosen artists and hope they don’t find out and get mad at me. The first target for this dubious affection is Happobi Jin, an illustrator and character designer perhaps best known for his recent series of Boin games from Crossnet Pie. What else has he done, and why should you care? I can’t answer the second question, but for the first, read on:

Post-Futaket Note

Just a quick note to log a safe return from Futaket vs. ABC last night. Participating in an event as my own circle (this time with enough sleep to actually comprehend what was going on around me) was quite the learning experience, and a fun – though hectic – time was had by all. The frantic pace continues today, as I decided to finally take the plunge and go through with a Comiket application, which must be completed by 1:00 PM tomorrow to meet the online submission deadline. That’s the highest priority right now, so a more thorough Futaket report will shortly follow… Otanoshimi ni~ (no more)

Event Reminder: Wonder Festival and Hentai Matsuri Tomorrow, February 25th

Shingo here, taking a break from the final mad dash of doujinshi production to remind HD readers that we’ll be covering not one but both of the events going down tomorrow. I’ll be representing at Futaket vs. ABC, and ace investigative reporter Shipon is down from Sendai for the weekend to take in the sights and sounds of Wonder Festival. Event reports to follow shortly! Apologies for the lack of updates over the past week (aside from Seiya’s superb dumpster diving escapade); all of my free time has been spent busily drawing away. Back to regular updates next week~ (no more)

Mainichi Junk: Your Friend in Japan

In today’s update: HD takes a look at currently running anime and recently released manga, declares February to be Amazume Ryuuta month, glances at recent and upcoming eroge releases, opines on figures and the like, and runs at the mouth.

Back from Akihabara, Loot in Tow

In today’s update: A barebones loot report, pending further explication and review over the coming days. In other news: the Comiket 71 catalog is now up for preorder (going on sale December 2nd in print format and 9th as a CD-ROM), and Daiki Kougyou’s Koyori PVC is fucking huge.

Event Report: Sunshine Creation 33

A hard-hitting first-person account of the many-hyphenated adventures surrounding one man’s participation, as a circle, at a doujinshi convention. First installment: just the facts, ma’am.

Demo-tan: Moe?

This should really be posted to the “comments” section of the Demo-tan post, but then I wouldn’t have an excuse to paste a giant red MOE kanji over her face. Moerers only read on!

Heisei Democracy Mascot Character Unveiled

Say hello to Demo-tan.


In which HD, and more specifically Mainichi Junk, rises from the grave of non-postiness.

English Aniblogs Hit the Japanese Blog Scene

HD has been getting hits from the island chain in the Pacific for awhile now (mostly in the form of Shingo constantly clicking “refresh” while his other hand is busy…), but today we see what may be the sign of siginficant First Contact between our twin blogospheres.

Editor’s Desk: What’s in a Name?

In which Shingo lays bare the secrets behind the somewhat curious naming of this site. Just what exactly is a “Heisei democracy”?

Editor’s Desk: The Animating Principle

A response to comments on this post: is Japanese fan activity really just about the Fat Loot? HD combines a healthy dose of Genshiken with a few personal anecdotes to tackle the (anti)social world of Japanese otakudom.