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President Japan “Shining” series trio preorders open

Three of the Shining series figures from President Japan (Eye Ball/Eye Scream) we’ve had our eye on for the past few months went up for preorder simultaneously today, with listings appearing at Kotobukiya’s online shop. First up is Seena Kanon from Shining Wind [PA], who’s set for release in July at 1/8 scale (28 cm tall) and 8,190 yen retail. Next is Houmei, also from Shining Wind, set for release at 1/8 scale (14.5 cm tall) and 8,190 yen retail; her listing is not accompanied by a release date, but July seems like a logical guess. Finally we have Maple from Shining Tears [PA], presented at a stunning 1/1 scale, 38.2 cm tall and due out in July at 18,900 yen. Sculptor information for all three figures is currently unavailable. We’ll update this post with additional details and images as they come online; current images below. Update: full image galleries now online:

Figure News: 1/1 scale Maple PVC from Shining Tears in the works

According to the official Shining series figure blog Shine na Blog, Maple, Elwyn’s faerie companion from Shining Tears, is scheduled to be rendered in 1/1 scale PVC! Clocking in at 30 cm (~one foot tall) she dwarfs the 1/8 scale Elwyn placed next to her. She’s schedule to come from President Japan (parent company of Eye Scream, known for their earlier Shining Tears lineup) at a yet undisclosed release date and price point; we’ll be keeping an eye out for further details. Prototype photos and original Maple illustration below: