A surprise announcement from eroge maker G.J? on Tuesday that they will be releasing a new version of their summer 2005 title Shichinin no Online Gamers. Dubbed “Shichinin no Online Gamers THE ANIME” it’s set to retail on November 22nd at 6,090 yen, and is described as containing “full screen cel animation” scenes; it’s a common gimmick for DVD player compatible versions of games to include additional bits of animation like this at around this price point, which makes me wonder why this is a PC release and not aiming for the wider DVD market. Regardless it’s hard to see it as anything other than a quick cash infusion between titles (the fact that there’s no official product page or samples of the animation speaks volumes). I just hope it’ll bring in enough fundage to feed Sano Toshihide and his family until the master’s next magnum opus is released. Whoredom below the fold: