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Anime version Musubi preorder open

Figure maker Movic presented a preorder listing over the weekend for their latest incarnation of Musubi, heroine of manga and anime Sekirei. Bearing more than a passing resemblance to their first Musubi it took me a bit to determine conclusively that this wasn’t a reissue, but it’s definitely a new sculpt credited to Saitou Heel. She’s scheduled for release in October at 1/7 scale (height unspecified) and 6,300 yen retail, and if precedent holds she’s likely to be castoffable. Currently available images below:

Daiki’s Bakuten Sei, Asu no Yoichi Ibuki preorders open

Amiami’s evening update tonight included a couple of figures we’ve reported on here in past weeks: Daiki Kougyou’s Sei PVC bust from Bakuretsu Tenshi and Movic’s Hankyuu Ibuki from Asu no Yoichi!. Tackling Ibuki first: we reported on her preorder listing at Movic back on May 13th, and it wouldn’t bear repeating here but for the revelation of a surprise upper castoff (images below). As previously reported her sculpt is from Saitou Heel and she’s set for release in August at…. Movic says 1/8 scale and 19 cm, Amiami says 1/7 scale and 21 cm. Both report a retail price of 5,880 yen.

Daiki’s Sei bust was also the subject of earlier reporting when her official page went online, and details on this release have changed as well. The sculpt is still credited to Shiragami Takayuki (Yukishiro) and she’s still scheduled for release in October at 28 cm tall; the retail price however has been lowered from the initially reported 11,550 yen to 9,975 yen. That doesn’t happen too often… Pictures of both figures can be found below:

Movic announces Asu no Yoichi figure project

Movic posted an official page on their site yesterday evening for an Asu no Yoichi figure project. It features characters from the Asu no Yoichi romantic comedy manga by Minamoto Yuu that is currently serialized in Monthly Shounen Champion. Clicking through the splash page to the details provides information on the first two figures in the lineup, Ikaruga Ibuki and Ikaruga Ayame. Ibuki’s sculpt is from Saitou Heel (Love Love Garden), and she’s scheduled for release in August at 5,880 yen and 1/8 scale (19 cm tall). Ayame is sculpted by Tanaka Masanori (Jet Stream) and is scheduled for release in September, also at 5,880 yen and 1/8 scale (19 cm tall). Uncolored prototype images below: