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Eromanga Toshokan vol. 011: B-Chiku

Our Eromanga Toshokan review series returns with a look at the latest offering from veteran mangaka DISTANCE, who according to his Mangaoh product search has been in the business for at least ten years now. As I’ve seen his books come out over the years I’ve typically picked them up, thumbed through them with serious consideration, and ultimately put them back down unpurchased; this is the first to make it into my collection, for reasons I hope will become clear below. Note: this is a hardcore [ERO] book. If you’re under 18 or not interested in hardcore content this post is not for you.

Goods Review: Ikkitousen Limited Treasure Box

When we first reported on this item back in November I was a bit skeptical as to how it would turn out; it seemed like a bunch of expensive knick-knacks worth less than the sum of its parts, little more than an attempt to sucker Ikkitousen fans like myself into parting with our hard-earned cash without providing much in return. After having the chance to peruse my copy in person my opinion has not changed, but as both a sucker and an Ikkitousen fan I have to say I’m happy with the result, and would appreciate being pandered to in a similar fashion by other shows in the future (Sekirei, I’m looking at you). Read on for a textbook primer on how to be swindled in style:

Eromanga Toshokan vol. 010: Daisuki Dayo

Another volume of the Eromanga Toshokan is at hand, this time showcasing the superlative work of veteran doujin artist and eromangaka Youshuu Ohepe. I actually promised to review this the day before it came out, and while I may have forgotten about the promise in the interim the book is good enough that it came over and shook its sweaty shorts at me until I picked it up again for review. Note: this is a hardcore [ERO] book. If you’re under 18 or not interested in hardcore content this post is not for you. If you’re an adult with a taste for immaculately rendered thighs of thunder, by all means read on!

Eromanga Toshokan vol. 009: Nyuuseihin

The Eromanga Toshokan returns after a long hiatus to bring a look at the most recent volume from veteran eromanga and doujin author Shijima Yukio. Long time fans of the very generously endowed female persuasion have likely come across his work in the past, especially back in the early days when his was one of the sites that could be depended on for the occasional delicious update; while his site has remained largely stagnant in recent years he still produces regular eromanga chapters and the occasional doujinshi, and so it is with pleasure that we delve into this, his most recent offering. Note: this is a hardcore [ERO] book. If you’re under 18 or not interested in hardcore content this post is not for you. If this condition does not apply to you, by all means read on!

Eromanga Toshokan vol. 008: Chichi Kano

In our Eromanga Toshokan segment we strive to bring a broad range of creators and styles to the attention of fans, from the mainstream to those that attract a more niche audience. Today’s entry is definitely one of the latter, the first collection of serial work from veteran doujin artist HG Chagawa. His style is both distinctive and extreme, and as such this review is not recommended for those not interested in abnormal depictions of the human body. Let me reiterate: you probably don’t want to read beyond this point unless you are intrigued by the concept of breasts the size of a full human torso. 18+ ONLY, NWS.

Eromanga Toshokan vol. 007: Happiness!

In today’s edition of our stroll down eromanga lane we take a look at the most recent work* from Amatarou, an artist who is tenacious in his pursuit of the awesome. I hope you’ll agree that “Happiness!” in the title is not mere hyperbole, and while reading this review might not make you a better person it will certainly uplift your spirits (or something else). 18+ ONLY, NWS.

Eromanga Toshokan vol. 006: Mazo Chichi

Erect Sawaru is a doujin veteran of many years, and one whose work I’ve not always been fond of – his books tended in the past to be incredibly messy, to the point that it was nearly impossible to tell what was going on. This first collected volume of his serialized works carries over many of the traits of his doujin, but contains enough stuff from his more recent period to make it worth a second look. Note: this is a hardcore [ERO] book. If you’re under 18 or not interested in hardcore content this post is not for you. If neither of these conditions apply, by all means read on!

Eromanga Toshokan vol. 005: Mizugi Kanojo

We take a look today at the first eromanga compilation to be released from the pen of veteran artist Bosshi of doujin circle Askray. While he made a name for himself with work in more maniac themes this book is a straightforward departure from his normal fare, one I would venture to say is palatable across a broad range of tastes, like a delicious cake made of sunshine and happy, smiling girls. In swimsuits. See below for the most persuasive argument to date that the bikini was actually an evolutionary step back from the one piece. 18+ ONLY, NWS.

Eromanga Toshokan vol. 004: Juicy Fruits

Many HD readers are no doubt familiar with the extreme curves of Kotoyoshi Yumisuke’s manga penmanship, whether it be from his work on the Cool Devices eroanime of the mid nineties or the masterful job done by Icarus Publishing in bringing some of his more recent eromanga to an English readership. Today we take a look at perhaps his most visible volume of eromanga to date (due to its recent Icarus release), Juicy Fruits. Fans of the small-chested, beware… 18+ ONLY, NWS.

Figure Review: Kaiyodo’s Yotsuba Revoltech action figure from Yotsubato!

Yotsuba is the vivacious, green-haired heroine of Azuma Kiyohiko’s Yotsubato! manga (dubbed Yotsuba&! in its English edition). With very few exceptions the author has refused to condone derivative products based on his designs, until now; his production team has formed a very deliberate aesthetic around the franchise, and they no doubt wanted to be sure any figure version would stay true to that vision. They seem to believe Kaiyodo is the company that can deliver with a standard of quality in their Revoltech action figure line to match, and with Enoki Tomohide on sculpting duty there was little doubt this would be a solid item. But is Yotsuba: THE ACTION FIGURE fun? You damn well better believe it. :D

Eromanga Toshokan vol. 003: Katekyo

To offset the rather bizarre volume we last looked at for this column I thought Kishizuka Kenji’s 2003 classic Katekyo would be a good follow up in this, our third helping of Eromanga Toshokan. The title story of a socially awkward tutor and the student in love with her is easily one of my favorites in the genre, not to mention containing the only Fight Club reference I’ve ever seen in manga and a pair of hilarious omake pages (translated especially for this post!) that really get at the subtleties of Japan’s take on America. 18+ ONLY, NWS.

Eromanga Toshokan vol. 002: Jiru Max!!

For the second installation of our eromanga review series we bring you a book released in May of this year from rookie mangaka Drill Jiru. As his handle (“drill juice”) and the book’s title (“juice max”) imply this is a very messy offering, and one not for those made queasy by the sight of some maniac ero; for those into that sort of thing or interested in the craft of manga in general this is a deep offering from a talented artist at the beginning of what will hopefully be a long and fruitful career. 18+ ONLY, NWS.

Eromanga Toshokan vol. 001: Giri Giri Sisters

Eromanga Toshokan is a brand new column here at HD, launched in our continuing effort to expose just how much of a sicko Shingo is fans to an oft-downloaded but seldom deeply probed segment of Japan’s visual culture: the wild world of eromanga (no, not the Australian town). For our first entry we bring you a review of the recently released Giri Giri Sisters, the second tankoubon from doujin veteran Kisaragi Gunma. Note: this post is 18+ only and not safe for perusal at work.

[ERO] Figure Review: Yamato’s Story Image Figure EX Ryofu Housen PVC from Ikkitousen

I missed the release of this Ryofu figure in the transitory period between jobs and moving house last winter, and it was much to my chagrin that I discovered her after she’d seemingly vanished from store shelves. A few months ago Amiami must have dug up a couple of copies from a musty corner of their warehouse because she was listed for a short time once again, and I eagerly availed myself of the opportunity to procure her. Word is in from Yamato that she’ll be reissued in October, so if you missed her in the first round she’ll be widely available again soon! While not produced to the absolute best spec possible, this is one of those figures with a certain special something

[ERO] Figure Review: Kotobukiya’s Plug (insulator suit ver.) PVC from Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!

I’m ordinarily not much of a hinyuu fan, but when this Plug-chan kit appeared on the horizon back in April I was psyched. The second coming of Mahoromatic in an ero-ero vinyl suit – is this really Kotobukiya we’re talking about? Indeed it is, and it seems they’ve gone the rare extra mile to make this a figure to remember.

[ERO] Figure Review: Romando’s Koishikawa Nami + “Love Play Unit” PVC from Nami SOS

Ever since we reported on this noodly appendage-clad, awkwardly proportioned figure back in March I’ve been awaiting its release with a mix of anticipation and dread, similar to the mix of fascination and repulsion this kit surely inspires as one of the most bizarre items to come out of Japan’s hobby industry in a long time (at least a week). What is the result when maker Romando turns its hand to the tentacles and old-school campiness of cult classic eromanga Nami SOS? Not too shabby, especially if you’re not expecting much more than a bizarre gimmick item. This review is rated [ERO] not for explicit content but to shield the eyes of viewers with any taste whatsoever; those interested can read on for the lurid details.

[ERO] Figure Review: Griffon’s Sonsaku Hakufu (sportswear ver.) PVC from Ikkitousen

Among the three most popular Ikkitousen heroines (Kanu, Ryomou, and Hakufu, with Ryofu as an honorary fourth) Hakufu is probably my least favorite from a design perspective. That said, listening to Ikkitousen web radio for the past few months has made me a diehard fan of Asano Masumi, her voice actress. This has nothing to do with the figure in question, I just felt like a little random Masumin respect was necessary… at any rate, this offering from Griffon has dispelled much of my distaste for Hakufu’s design and is probably the best figure of her that I’ve ever seen. Read on for why:

Figure Review: Orchid Seed’s Amaloli Ryomou Shimei PVC from Ikkitousen

It’s hard to articulate what drew me to this version of Orchid’s Ryomou over the original gosurori version; I typically don’t go for alternate colors, so in this case part of the appeal may have been the simple unavailability of the earlier kit. Regardless, I’d say this repaint is at least on par with the original (though I doubt Ryomou would be caught dead in pink if she had a choice in the matter). Wondering what’s under those frills? Read on!

Figure Review: Alter’s Ogiue Chika PVC (Kujian cosplay ver.) from Genshiken

When this figure was first announced I wasn’t sure I would pick it up. It’s not Ohno, after all, and I felt that betrayal to my one and only love would be sacrilegious; however the needs of a Genshiken completionist ultimately rose to the fore, and I’m glad they did. Read on for a look at a very nice figure indeed!

Figure Review: Wafuudou Ganguten’s Sawatari Izumi PVC from He is My Master

Today’s figure review comes courtesy of Wafuudou Ganguten and veteran sculptor Polygo, who took the trouble of going all the way to China to supervise production of this kit. While he made it back without being unceremoniously eaten by an alligator, did his hard work pay off when a parade of assembled Izumis followed him back to Japanese shores? That is the question!

Magazine Review: Otaku USA, volume 1

I was sitting in the office today when my boss walked up and dropped a copy of this publication onto my desk. “They’re saying this is going to be the next Newtype”, he said. “Bigger than Newtype, maybe.” I flipped it open… and within thirty seconds knew I had to write this review. Note: the actual review starts roughly where the pictures end.

Figure Review: Dragon Age Pure’s Kujou Hachie PVC from Bee-Be-Beat it!

We take a look today at the bonus figure included with the recently released Dragon Age Pure vol. 4. Is it worth buying the magazine for the figure, or is the prodigious international shipping cost better spent elsewhere? I’d say the latter… sorry, Hachie.

[ERO] Figure Review: Movic’s Musubi PVC, from Sekirei

When a trio of Sekirei figures were announced at Wonder Festival Summer 2006, despite the good-looking prototypes available at the event I wasn’t particularly interested. That all changed when I picked up the manga that was their source, and realized that Gokurakuin Sakurako‘s delightful little bundle of fanservice and moe was more than I had given it credit for. Does Movic’s PVC rendition of Musubi do her manga counterpart justice? I’d answer that with a resounding YES, but don’t take my word for it – read on!