Alter‘s February ’08 release lineup is fresh off the e-presses on the maker’s official site! Included are a 1/8 scale (18 cm) Aloe and CPU Sharon PVC set from Quiz Magic Academy at 5,565 yen, and a 1/8 scale (19 cm) Kuro no Franco PVC figure from Nitro+’s latest eroge, Zoku: Satsuriku no Jango coming in at 7,140 yen. The Kuro no Franco is a particularly amazing sculpt, with a panty shot that is more of a deliberately placed stop sign than a coquettish tease. Fits her character perfectly. :3 With these listed on the official site preorders should follow very shortly… can’t wait for the Kuro, myself. Edit: preorders are now up at Amiami with full image galleries: Aloe & Sharon, Kuro no Franco. (no more)