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Manga News: Queen’s Blade stories to begin serialization in Comp Ace, Dengeki Black Maoh

In a habitual browsing of the the official Queen’s Blade site this morning I noticed that they’d updated back on September 10th with the news that the Queen’s Blade franchise will be extending beyond game books, figures, pillows and anthology comics to the world of serialized manga. The first of two manga will be running in Kadokawa Shoten’s monthly Comp Ace beginning with its October 26th issue, and will be penned by Minasaki Iku of doujin circle Doropanda Tours; while lacking in a personal website it seems that the bulk of Minasaki’s published work consists of My HiME parody doujin, an appropriate topic given that his QB manga is scheduled to focus on Hisayuki-designed character Elina and her search for her sister. The second of the two Queen’s Blade manga will begin serialization in new Media Works magazine Dengeki Black Maoh, the first issue of which is on sale tomorrow, September 19th. It will be penned by doujin veteran Astroguy II, be entitled “Queen’s Blade Struggle”, and comprise a variety of side story episodes featuring the various QB heroines. We’ll keep an eye on these projects as they unfold… (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Griffon presents Ikkitousen’s Kanu, Hakufu, Ryofu, Gentoku, and Queen’s Blade Nanael completed figures, now in preorder

Griffon announced a veritable blitz of releases over the weekend, with preorders going up for Yamamoto Masahiro sculpted October release China Dress Kanu Unchou and [ERO] Ryofu Housen PVCs, a Sugiyama Satoshi sculpted October release Ryuubi Gentoku PVC, a late September release Akiyama Akio sculpted [ERO] nekkid Sonsaku Hakufu cold cast, and the extravagant Hiroman sculpted Queen’s Blade Nanael PVC / resin / cold cast hybrid due out in October. I’d pick up the Hakufu if she were in PVC, but as is the Kanu is the only one I’m mildly interested in (and maybe the Ryofu if they fix her face). Announce these things earlier and you might sell more, Griffon! (no more)

Goods News: Queen’s Blade new characters unveiled, Nanael dakimakura + drama CD up for preorder

Hobby Stock beat the official Queen’s Blade site to the scoop today, presenting preorders for a pair of new October-release QB books: Claudette, the oldest sister in the family of Hisayuki Hirokazu (Wikipedia) designed characters also containing Reina and Erina, and Merona, an F.S designed ooze creature who looks like a bunny girl but the official character page emphatically states isn’t. In other news, the official site updated today with word that Nanael is to grace the cover of an [ERO] hug pillow, notable for its ability to be customized like a kisekae doll to your choice of costume (front side only) which they will custom print for you based on your specifications (you don’t change actual clothing on the pillow). Preorders for the 120 x 50 cm, 15,000 yen pillow are now open and shipping is expected in December; a proxy service will likely have to be deployed for those desirous of the item as it’s only available to be shipped inside Japan. Pictures below:

Event Report: Comic Market 72, day 1

A quick rundown of the first day of Comic Market 72, from one man’s perspective (Shipon will be along later with a bunch of much nicer pictures, including cosplay, so be sure to stop back for that~). Day one verdict: fucking hot, but fun in hindsight.

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: garage kits by source

This post contains a bunch of garage kit shots from Wonder Festival broken down by source, including items from Evangelion, various fighting games, Gurren Lagann, Kimikiss, Queen’s Blade, Sengoku Rance, Rozen Maiden, and the To Heart franchises (mostly To Heart 2). Note: while this post is not tagged as [ERO], it does contain a few ero kits.

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: Alter / Megahouse lineup

Alter and Megahouse both represented with some delicious items at Wonder Festival, offerings made all the more intriguing due to what seems to be a robust partnership emerging between the two companies spanning several projects over the coming months. Are they positioning themselves to rival the Goodsmile / Max Factory coalition (which Alter left behind only recently)? We’ll be watching… for now, the scoops:

[ERO] Figure News: cast-off checkup

In the prurient interests of comprehensive figure coverage, some updates on a few of the items we’ve been following here recently: Akiba Blog scoops the castoffability of Megahouse’s soon to be released Queen’s Blade Tomoe figure, albeit the limited color edition. Updated Amiami listings also bring good news, in the form of new shots of Taki Corporation’s ero-ero Kanu Unchou Ikkitousen kit and Movic’s recently announced Sekirei Tsukiumi and Matsu; relevant images reproduced below:

Figure News: highlights from Hobby Japan September ’07

Cobra Kai Shiranui Mai coming in PVC from Daiki Kougyou, Sekirei Tsukiumi and Matsu figures coming from Movic, Orchid Seed‘s Wonder Festival lineup includes a resin kit based on a Mogudan-illustrated [ERO] Comic Unreal cover, [ERO] Onegai Onsen (Onegai Teacher / Twins) trading figure set from Max Factory, [ERO] Cobra Kai Kanu Unchou PVC from Yamato, Kyon’s sister 1/4 scale PVC from Freeing, Ignis the Black via mailorder from Hobby Japan, next Megahouse Queen’s Blade figures to be Nix and Airi, Shining Wind Xecty, To Heart 2 Another Days Chie, Pani Poni Dash trading figures coming from Kotobukiya, Queen’s Blade book series sequel Queen’s Gate launching this fall with Nitro+ and Moetan characters, Code Geass breast mousepads coming from Bandai, Shirley and Suzaku independent resin kits featured. Pictures below:

Comiket 72 Goods Roundup, Part I

A survey of some of the random items up for grabs at August’s upcoming Comic Market 72, including a fleet of hug pillows, a brace of doujin figures, a pair of plushes, a sausage, and a folding fan. Mero~n!