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New Site Poll: Is visual censorship an issue for you?

Japanese adult media, whether it be anime, manga, figures, games, or live action pornography, is intimately linked to the concept of visual censorship. Manipulation is done to all of these that serves in various ways to obscure objectionable content to greater and lesser degrees; while it can vary from the deliberately stylistic portrayal of the offending regions to a thin black bar to a massive mosaic that occupies the entire screen, today’s question is not about the type of censorship but the simple fact that it’s there. Does it bother you enough to be a deal-breaker? Is it irritating, but bearable? Or do you not even notice it anymore? Note that this doesn’t refer to the censorship of themes, merely the obscurement of their visual representation. (no more)

Protoculture News: otaku social networking service Filn launches web radio, Momoi Haruko featured

Word is in from the Tokyo Anime Center website that social networking service (SNS) Filn will be launching a web radio program with Momoi Haruko as the main personality and Tsuji Ayumi as co-anchor. Flin describes itself as “a social networking service for fans of anime, manga, games, cosplay, IT gadgets, etc. – ‘otaku’ or ‘akiba-kei'”, and the name is an acronym for “Friend “Intersects” “Looks” and “Nerd”. The radio program will have its pre-debut on October 20th under the title “The Rise and Fall of the Filn Empire”, and in addition to Momoi and Tsuji will feature nine young seiyuu who are being called “Filn Children” (I’m not making this up). Each of these Children will be responsible for a corner of the web radio, whose contents will be gleaned from communities within the SNS in a sort of social networking radio content fusion; the premiere episode this weekend will serve to get the word out and introduce the service. I’m almost curious enough to join up and witness the spectacle first hand… (no more)

Anime News: Kodomo no Jikan broadcast schedule settled (?), official blog claims “takebacks”

The official site for the Kodomo no Jikan anime posted an apology yesterday clarifying the chain of events leading up to the show’s broadcast cancellation on the AT-X cable/satellite network. As AT-X had earlier claimed, the network wanted to broadcast the show (in its fully censored version) with an age warning attached. The anime production committee did not agree, citing a desire for the show to reach “the broadest audience possible”, and thus the broadcast was pulled. Earlier the official Kojika anime blog had claimed that the blame for the cancellation lay entirely with the AT-X editorial staff, a claim which was retracted yesterday by erasing of the offending post. Out of sight, out of mind, apparently… at any rate, at present broadcast has been confirmed to continue on both Chiba TV and KBS Kyoto, as well as the upcoming free Biglobe webcast. The future of the controversial show is secure, for now. (no more)

Protoculture News: “moe” propaganda book goes on sale

Akiba Blog yesterday reported the release of Moyuru Kami no Kuni!, a 270-page moe-clad manifesto from Ikaros Publishing (not to be confused with Icarus Publishing) of what appears to be softcore Japanese nationalist propaganda. Art is from miko legend Tanaka Shoutarou, with text by Suzuki Doitsu, author of Gundam and the Second World War, among others; the book’s content includes such themes as “the reason Japan hasn’t been invaded until now is the presence of the JSDF and the US military”, “there are other righteous wars that should be fought beyond wars of self-protection”, “in order to be accepted as a trusted, normal member of the international community, we must amend the constitution”, “rational countries such as Japan should possess nuclear weapons”, “are there any other countries beyond China, North Korea and South Korea who object to devotional shrine visits honoring our war dead?”, and “sexy miko in lingerie”. If this book becomes a best-seller, one of the above themes in particular seems to stand out as why… (no more)

[ERO] Game News: Atu Works’ Oaruji no Tame ni Kane wa Naru recalled due to inappropriate CG

According to an official statement released by Atu Works yesterday, their September 28th, 2007 released Oaruji no Tame ni Kane wa Naru eroge is being recalled due to the presence of a non-compliant CG image detected by the review board of the Ethics Organization of Computer Software (the regulatory organization that screens the majority of professionally released PC software in Japan). The nature of the image in question is unclear, but past offenses have usually been tied to the accidental omission of mosaic; such voluntary product recalls have been the financial ruin of eroge makers in the past, existing as they do on the thinnest of margins with their fortunes staked on the successful release of each game they produce. Indeed the official Atu Works site currently seems to be intermittently up and down, but game descriptions and sample images for the title in question can be found here, here, here, and here. (no more)

Event News: Genshiken-only doujin convention official site online

While working on our fall anime post earlier today I looked up the Genshiken-only doujin event we scooped here back in August, only to find that its official site is now online! Dubbed The First ‘Genshiken and Kujibiki Unbalance were interesting’ Conference (“Gen-An Kaigi” for short), the event will take place on May 5th, 2008 at the Taitou building of the Tokyo Industry Trade Center in Asakusa. As the name suggests both Genshiken and Kujian books are welcome for submission, with circle participation limited to 60 circles and direct sales only (no consignment). This sounds like a small number compared to the 30,000+ circles at Comiket, but on the other hand the prospect of 60 new Genshiken / Kujian books is a superb one indeed. :3 We’ll be keeping track of this as the event approaches. As an aside, the very fetching top page illustration for the event is by Kabaya Kousuke. (no more)