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Minamoto Chizuru oppai mousepad unveiled

Hobby Stock reported last night that they’re producing an oppai mousepad (contoured bust mousepad) featuring Minamoto Chizuru, heroine of the ecchi romantic comedy anime Kanokon. It’s scheduled to retail in October at 3,675 yen and 22 x 25 cm in size, and is limited to release from Hobby Stock,, and Toranoana. No international hobby shops are listed carrying it at present, so a proxy service may be necessary to buy. Mousepad image below:

Goods Review: Ikkitousen Limited Treasure Box

When we first reported on this item back in November I was a bit skeptical as to how it would turn out; it seemed like a bunch of expensive knick-knacks worth less than the sum of its parts, little more than an attempt to sucker Ikkitousen fans like myself into parting with our hard-earned cash without providing much in return. After having the chance to peruse my copy in person my opinion has not changed, but as both a sucker and an Ikkitousen fan I have to say I’m happy with the result, and would appreciate being pandered to in a similar fashion by other shows in the future (Sekirei, I’m looking at you). Read on for a textbook primer on how to be swindled in style:

Goods News: Dengeki G’s Festival Deluxe vol. 2 comes with TH2 pillowcase, contoured mousepad

According to the product entry recently created for it at Mangaoh, Dengeki G’s Festival Deluxe vol. 2 will come with some awesome extras: first is a Kouno Harumi dakimakura cover, one of the heroines of To Heart 2: Another Days. It’s single-sided, features an original illustration, and is 50 x 155 cm in size. Second is a Kousaka Tamaki “contoured breast” (oppai) mousepad, featuring another original illustration; and finally a Yamada Michiru / Yoshioka Chie cellphone cleaner and strap. All this (along with the magazine itself) comes at a mere 3,500 yen, to be released on February 21st – this is sure to be a highly prized item, so order while you can! Mangaoh accepts international orders, and it should be listed at soon as well. Images below:

[ERO] Goods News: Ikkitousen Treasure Limited Box uncensored

Just a quick note to mention that Getchu’s listing for the Ikkitousen Treasure Limited Box we scooped at the beginning of November contains an uncensored look at both the Hakufu bust and the Kanu oppai mousepad that come with the set. Preorders are open through December 2nd for those thinking of picking it up (Amazon and Mangaoh both have it available to international customers). Uncensored picture below:

[ERO] Goods News: Wani Books presents “Ikkitousen Treasure Limited BOX Publication”, includes Hakufu bust and Kanu oppai mousepad

During a habitual run through 2chan’s mokeiura board this morning I noticed a most curious item that bore further investigation. It turns out that Wani Books, publishers of the Comic Gum manga anthology in which Ikkitousen is serialized, is producing what they’re calling an Ikkitousen Treasure Limited BOX Publication. It’s a …box, apparently, containing seven special limited edition items which are detailed below:

[ERO] Goods News: bust up! Chest-enhanced mousepad coming from Atelier Kaguya’s “Enjoy”

The phenomenon of the contoured bust mousepad is not a new one, but the dubious accessory is set to undergo a minor step in its evolution with the release of an [ERO] Mizuki-sensei oppai mousepad from Atelier Kaguya’s recently release eroge Enjoy. Featuring the character Onda Mizuki, the item’s chief draw is its faithful rendition of her relatively large bosoms – a sample of which are pictured here, in comparison with the earlier released Asuka-chan oppai mousepad from Osana Najimi to Amaku Sugosu Houhou. I always assumed that these pads were of uniform dimensions with images printed on each regardless of the size of the character in question, but the comparison shots show that variation in fact exists… This peculiar item is available exclusively via Medio’s online shop, and is set for release on December 21st at 4,995 yen. Thanks to Akiba Blog for the scoop! Mousepad images below:

[ERO] Goods News: Alice Parade “oppai mousepads” coming from Toys Planning

Hobby Stock put listings up last night for a pair of Toys Planning-produced contoured bust mouspads featuring two of the heroines of Unisonshift Blossom’s Alice Parade: Neko-san and Alice herself. Alice Parade goes on sale today (October 12th) and is probably the biggest release of the month, featuring designs by Itou Zatsuon (Itou Noiji‘s new ero-ero pen name). The announcement of these mousepads on the same day as the game’s release is no doubt not coincidental, though we’ll have to wait until November to get our hands on them when they retail at 3,990 yen each. Mousepad images below: