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Goods News: Vocaloid2 Kagamine Rin gets a twin

Word in today from the official Crypton blog that voice synthesizer software Vocaloid2 #02 Kagamine Rin, voice sampled by Shimoda Asami, will be released as not one but two separate characters in the same package. Rin is being joined by “Len”, her twin brother (?), who is specced for a slightly deeper voice at slower BPM. Release is still scheduled for late December of this year, at a price similar to Miku‘s 15,750 yen retail. Could this gimmick give the pair the boost they need to equal Miku‘s explosive popularity? We’ll keep an eye on this. (no more)

Manga News: Hatsune Miku manga announced, to begin serialization in November

According to Moon Phase Diary a manga featuring Yamaha’s virtual idol Hatsune Miku will begin serialization in the January 2008 issue of Comic RUSH (on sale November 26th), and will be penned by Miku character designer KEI. I haven’t done much Miku reporting (Zepy‘s the man to go for for up to the minute news on everyone’s favorite voice synth) but this is a great development in my book; too often characters are poorly interpreted by mangaka other than the original creator, but with her designer on board for the project I’d say Miku is in safe hands. (no more)

Event News: Minmay meets Fire Bomber live on August 18th

Via Moon Phase and Livedoor Anime News: If you’re not busy standing in line for the third day of Comiket 72, those in Tokyo on August 18th will have the opportunity to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Macross franchise at a concert featuring the talent of Iijima Mari (Minmay), Fukuyama Yoshiki (Basara’s singing voice and guitar from Macross 7), and Chie Kajiura (Mylene‘s singing voice). It’s being held at the Nippon Seinen-kan Dai Hall, with tickets priced at 6,500 yen (“present” included); as a Macross fan I just might have to look into this. (no more)

Event Report: Spring M3 2007

KOF 2000 embarked solo upon a thoroughly wallet-emptying M3 adventure last weekend in pursuit of nearly unhealthy quantities of doujin music CDs. Confusion, merriment, claustrophobic pathways, and gaijin representation ensue. Read all about his inexperienced experiences, a first-timer’s opinion of the event, general commentary, and more!

PS2 Bishoujo Game News: Ar Tonelico sequel announced, teaser site online

News in from Moon Phase today that a sequel is in the works for one of the premiere RPG titles of 2006, celebrated for its phenomenal soundtrack and innovative gameplay, Ar Tonelico. Dubbed Ar Tonelico 2: Sekai wo Hibiku Shoujotachi no Metafalica (“the girls’ creation song that resounds through the world”), it will feature the return of the creative team of Gust and Banpresto with the same band of accomplished musicians and artists to bring another tale from the same vivid universe as the original, and is slated for release later this year. The teaser site is up here; I strongly recommend you drop everything at hand and head over for a watch (and listen – the track accompanying the flash animation is sublime). We’ll be following this eagerly on HD just as we did its predecessor. Edit: those looking for a bit meatier scoop can head over to Famitsu, where they have a respectable number of screenshots up and introduce a few of the new gameplay features. (no more)

Doujin Music Scene: Rance Love, Hard Rock Style

For lovers of the music in Alice Soft’s Rance series (nay, for lovers of good music in general), hoist your mainsail and navigate on over to Human BBQ and get ready to rock out to their arrangements of the music from various Rance games. My recommendation from the melange? Drive Back the Enemy! (scroll down) from Sengoku Rance. Such raw aggression can only be described as a provocation to “hear me live.” (no more)

Protoculture News: Victor holds auditions for the next Macross heroine

Ever wanted to join the ranks of Lynn Minmay and Mylene Flare Jenius? To save the galaxy through the power of song? If you’re between the ages of 12 and 25, your dreams could come true! Oh, and you have to be an unmarried woman. And send them a demo tape (CD-R, MD, video, DVD) with two songs (if they’re covers, they can’t both be by the same artist). You’ll need a pair of pictures, too (one close up of your face and a full body shot for “atmosphere”). There’s an application form as well, of course (better have a parent along if you’re under 18). Want to know a bit more about what you’ll be getting into? Tough – Victor won’t answer questions about the new Macross production ahead of the fact.

This whole thing is just so steeped in old-school deliciousness I don’t know where to begin – this audition process itself is practically an anime in the making. I wish I could be a fly on the wall at the production studio on the day those who make the first round cut gather to size each other up… (no more)

Denpa News: MOSAIC.WAV’s 4th Single Hits Store Shelves

Dubbed Giri-Giri Kagaku Shoujo Falsie (“Falsie the Pseudo-Science Girl” according to the official jacket translation), the 4th “maxi single” of hyper-saccharin pop combo MOSAIC.WAV (famous most recently for their rousing rendition of the Sumomo mo Momo mo OP) is now available in wide release! A short version of the title track can be downloaded here. If you think you’ve heard this before you probably have – the album recieved limited release in late December at Comiket 71. (no more)

Mainichi Junk: Under the Wire

In today’s update: a batch of media news left over from the weekend, including Hayashibara Megumi’s return to the anisongverse, My Otome Zwei site updates, the scoop on Shinkai Makoto’s latest project (warning: the heartfulness quotient may make your head explode), and goods news from December Newtype sure to be of interest to fans of Suzumiya Haruhi and Welcome to the NHK.