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Magazine Review: Megami vol. 98 (July 2008)

With yesterday’s release of the July ’08 issue of Megami Magazine things are officially heating up in the countdown to issue 100! The sticker price was raised to reflect the presence of additional extras, and unlike last issue there are no Nanoha filler posters to be found – just pure original poster goodness, and a lot of nice ones at that. Read on for a look at one of the best Megami issues to appear in recent months:

Magazine Review: Megami vol. 97 (June 2008)

The June ’08 edition of Megami Magazine was released today, and we’re here with the scoop of its contents! With poster entries from most of the bishoujo anime of the season along with several looks ahead at what we can expect in the summer it’s a pretty well-rounded issue, and though soft in a couple of parts (too much tiny Nanoha) there are a few standout offerings that make the purchase worth it in the end. Moon Phase scoops the news of a new Higurashi OVA and talks about yuri love in Koihime Musou revealed in this issue, but we’re here for the posters:

Magazine Review: Megami vol. 96 (May 2008)

The May 2008 issue of Megami Magazine was released today, and we’ve got a thorough review of it here! The sticker price was bumped up from the standard 780 yen to 840 yen for this issue, but it comes with a couple of great extras that more than make up for the slight price increase – a double sided pencil board brings us a look at Saber of Fate/stay night as drawn by Nanoha creator Tsuzuki Masaki, with the reverse side an illustration of Fate Testarossa by Takeuchi Takashi. Other extras include large Clannad and Shana posters and an alternate cover for Nanoha StrikerS manga vol. 2, as well as the continuation of Ditama Bow‘s Yotsunoha manga. Oh, and there are lots of great posters, too. :3

Magazine Review: Megami vol. 95 (April 2008)

We revisit the hallowed posteriffic pages of Megami Magazine for the first time in a few months to find a very solid issue indeed, including offerings from Shana II, Clannad, Aria, Kimiaru, Nanoha, Spice and Wolf, To Heart 2, Kanokon, Minami-ke, Gunslinger Girls, Kimikiss, Bamboo Blade, Yotsunoha, Rosario to Vampire, Ikkitousen Great Guardians, and more. Is it just me, or is there more nekkidness in this issue than in the past year’s lot combined? See below for a preview:

Magazine Review: Megami vol. 92 (January 2008)

I wasn’t able to pick up last month’s issue of Megami soon enough to do a timely review, but we return this month with a look at the latest the bishoujo anime pinup magazine has to offer. As was the case two months ago it seems Megami has once again outshone the competition from Comp Heroines with another great issue! Check it out for particularly delectable offerings from Bamboo Blade, Kodomo no Jikan, Dragonaut, and more.

Magazine Review: Megami vol. 90

When we reviewed Comp Heroines vol. 6 a few days ago I came away with the hope that Megami would field a more solid offering this month by comparison, and boy did they pull through. This is the magazine’s 90th issue, and it’s a great example of why it’s had such staying power through the years against rivals such as Dengeki Animaga and now Comp H’s; the latter is going to have to get its act together if it wants to be more than a Kadokawa / Kyoani shill and really compete against Megami on its good months, like this one. The usual batch of pictures below:

Magazine Review: Megami vol. 89

Another month, another issue of Megami. We’re to the part of the year that can’t quite decide whether it’s summer or fall, and the posters this time seem equally confused (why don’t they just have Konata baking sweet potatoes by the fire in her school swimsuit?), but what may be lacking in poster content is made up for by a nice Itou Noiji pencilboard and a POP-illustrated Moetan “picture story”. Read on for the nitty gritty: