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Shining Wind Mao, Blanc Neige progress report

The official blog of all figures Shining updated over the weekend with a look at the two newest items in Kotobukiya’s Shining Wind bishoujo figure lineup, Mao and Blanc Neige. The Mao shots aren’t unique to this post (this is the same prototype we’ve seen at Akiba Hobby and in Amiami’s product listing for the past couple of weeks), but the Blanc Neige initial PVC prototype is seen here for the first time. With this up at the Shining blog it seems we can expect preorders for her to appear soon. Pictures below:

Kotobukiya presents Shining Wind Mao, magazine schedule

Figure maker Kotobukiya posted a product listing to their official online shop over the noon hour today for a PVC figure of Mao from the Tony-designed PS2 RPG Shining Wind. She’s due out in July at 1/8 scale (16.5 cm tall) and 5,775 yen retail, with a castoffable jacket; sculptor information is unconfirmed but my guess is that she’s the work of Nakamura Hirotoshi.

In other Kotobukiya news, the maker has posted a list of upcoming figures that will be featured in hobby magazines through the month of April. The key bishoujo PVC items appear to be:

  • Lala – To Love-Ru
  • Mao – Shining Wind
  • Noumi Kudryavka – Little Busters!
  • Kamikita Komari – Little Busters!
  • Sennin Haruka – Choukou Sennin Haruka (Beat Blades Haruka)
  • Rion – Tales of Destiny
  • Naomi – Art of Yamashita Shunya

A couple of new announcements in the mix there that we’ll be watching for as the Dengeki Hobby / Hobby Japan street date nears in a few more days. Mao pictures below:

Kotobukiya’s Horo, Elwyn preorders open, Mao in planning

Kotobukiya posted retailer order forms this morning for two new items we saw unveiled at Wonder Festival: first is their Elwyn from Shining Wind, scheduled for release in June at 6,090 yen retail, and 1/8 scale (21 cm tall) with a sculpt from Nakamura Takuchi. Next is their Horo from Spice and Wolf, who’s coming in July at 6,090 yen retail, 1/8 scale (19.5 cm tall) with a sculpt from Kitaike Shoukaku. Preorders for both should appear around the internets soon. In other Kotobukiya news, the official Shining figure blog reports that a Shining Wind Mao is currently in the planning stages, and is already looking quite nice. Pictures of all three below: