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December 21st 2007 figure news roundup (updated)

A whole lot of action on the figure front to sum up today, including a continuation of Cerberus Project’s collaboration with Wafuudou Ganguten, a faux trap figure from Toy’sworks that’s almost Bridgetlicious, a bunny Haruhi + guitar prize figure, a review of the Haruhi itasha model first seen back at the Miyazawa Model exhibition, a step-by-step tour through a Nakoruru castoff, a couple of new angles on Alter’s Kanu, and a Keumaya update. Check it out! Update: Keumaya’s new items up at Toranoana, Revoltech Fraeulein Asuka and Play Stationery Rin up for preorder!

Figure News: CM’s’ lifesize Kokonoe Rin figure now in color

Figure maker CM’s updated the official site for their Kodomo no Jikan Kokonoe Rin vinyl figure today with photos of her finished color version, and I must say they’re underwhelming. CM’s incompetence at smaller scales is well documented, but I thought they’d have an easier time with something closer to human size… apparently not. I’d imagine some who preordered before these shots appeared are having second thoughts right about now. (no more)

[ERO] Goods News: Kodomo no Jikan’s Kokonoe Rin comes to Comiket 73 in a snow globe

Word is in from Amiami this evening that Pink Company, purveyors of many odd character goods, will be releasing a Kokonoe Rin snow globe on December 29th, 2007 (the first day of Comic Market 73). The item is based on the frontspiece illustration of chapter 17 of the Kodomo no Jikan manga, featuring Rin clad in her birthday suit and scarf in front of a Christmas tree and surrounded by falling snowflakes. The spirit of the season indeed! Clocking in at 10 cm tall and 2,500 yen retail, in addition to its availability for preorder from Amiami the item is expected to go on sale at Pink Co.’s Comiket booth; other than these two locations availability is uncertain, so a proxy order may be advised for those interested internationally. Pictures follow:

Figure News: CM’s’ near-lifesize Kokonoe Rin vinyl figure goes up for preorder

The full purchasing details of the Kojika Rin figure we’ve been tracking for the past few weeks are now online, and it’s not good news for international fans. You can put her in your shopping basket, but to check out you (or a proxy) needs to be in Japan, pay either the lump sum of 70,000 yen (shipping included) up front via bank transfer, or pay 10,000 yen via bank transfer and then the rest when the item ships. We still don’t have a precise release window, but at least there are some higher resolution pics online (albeit of the unpainted prototype). We’ll keep an eye out for a finished version of the kit, and any additional news about possible international availability. (no more)

Figure News: CM’s’ 1:1 scale Kokonoe Rin gets a price, release timeframe

CM’s‘ near life-sized Kojika Kokonoe Rin figure we scooped here two weeks ago has been updated with pricing information and an approximate release window. You can purchase your very own lascivious elementary school student for a mere 65,000 yen (68,250 yen tax included), or roughly USD $580, and she’ll arrive at your door “next spring”. We’ll continue our surveillance of this most suspicious item as more information comes to light, for justice. And by justice I mean Justice. (no more)