Wave unveiled a large chunk of their summer figure release lineup today, the most noteworthy items of which are certainly their Miko version Hiiragi Kagami and Hiiragi Tsukasa PVCs from Lucky Star. Both are non-scale (~14 cm tall) and expected to retail in late June at 4,095 yen each, with sculpts from Chizuru of Tsuru no Yakata; they’re also being offered together as a New Years-themed set and in an Amiami limited “roasted potato” set. These are the first proper PVCs announced of Lucky Star characters (though Nendoroid action figures and Petit Nendoroid trading figures are coming soon). If I were to guess why Wave announced them now instead of waiting for Wonder Festival it’s that they don’t want to be upstaged by other companies likely to announce similar figures at the event. We’ll keep an eye out for any such news, and have details on the rest of Wave’s summer lineup in tomorrow’s figure update. (no more)