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Ayanami, Kanu, Didii figure updates

Three minor bits of figure news today: first is word from Kotobukiya that their plug suit Ayanami Rei will be reissued in September at 7,140 yen, 1/6 scale (20 cm tall), and with a sculpt from Shirahige Tsukuru. Preorders for the reissue should be open soon.

Next, online shop Ganbo Store has announced that preorders for a limited color version of Happinet’s armored Kanu Unchou will open officially at noon on May 22nd. We can infer from this that regular edition preorders will open around that same time as well, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for those in the next week or two.

Finally, Hobby Japan is reporting that their magazine-limited Jingai Makyou Didii will be shipping on May 21st. Those who ordered via Play-Asia or another proxy service can expect their deliveries to ship around that time. (no more)

WHF Ariake 18: Industry News

In the interests of me getting some sleep tonight I’m going to confine this post to actual news, and leave images of already announced figures for a subsequent update. There wasn’t a huge amount of industry movement at the event, but the tidbits that came out are noteworthy nonetheless:

Yamato announces Creators’ Labo Ignis

Figure maker Yamato updated their event page today with a listing for their appearance at World Hobby Festival Ariake 18 Final on May 5th. All of the display items listed there are things we’ve seen before, except for one intriguing addition to the Creators’ Labo lineup – a figure described simply as “Jingai Makyou Ignis”. I thought Orchid Seed’s Ignis the White brought an end to the storied dynasty of Ignis figures last fall, but it seems she’ll be back for at least one final PVC encore. This raises the question of which Ignis kit the listing is referring to; my money is on Cerberus Project (G.O)’s version, given that a) Yamato has featured Cerberus in the Creators’ Labo series in the past, and b) I’m not aware of any other non-PVCified Ignis kits of any quality still at large. We’ll be keeping a close eye out for further news on this kit, and will be sure to document the display prototype fully at the event. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Ignis the White in stock at Play Asia

Checking up on Play Asia‘s figure listings just now it seems that Ignis the White is currently in stock! This may be the best opportunity for those who missed her via preorder to pick her up at a reasonable price (and support HD in the process). Edit: it seems that Cattleya is up for preorder as well, for fans of the more bustily endowed persuasion. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: last chance on Hobby Japan limited Jingai Makyou Didii PVC

Hobby Japan posted a reminder over the weekend that the preorder deadline for their mail order limited Didii PVC from Nitro+’s Jingai Makyou is rapidly approaching. Along with a few new pictures of the kit both clothed and cast off comes the news that all orders must be postmarked by November 12th, setting a hard limit for those of us thinking of procuring the kit at anything close to a reasonable price; She’s still available for preorder from Play Asia for those interested, though preorders are likely to end at some point before the 12th so the PA staff can fill out the necessary forms and run them to the post office. I need to do the same here soon… (no more)

[ERO] Figure Review: Orchid Seed’s Ignis the White PVC from Jingai Makyou

When Ignis the White was first revealed back on February 14th of this year it really did feel like Valentine’s Day had come a day early. I was instantly smitten by the figure, the likes of which had previously existed only in my wettest of dreams – we had seen several figure incarnations of the Jingai Makyou heroine already, but none that dared challenge the monumental intricacy of her “undying flame” incarnation. Would the craftsmanship of Orchid Seed rise to the occasion and prove equal to the task of replicating this truly epic sculpt? Read on for the opinion of one humble fan…

Figure News: Clalaclan and Fasalina released, Didii up at Play Asia, release schedule updated

Just a quick note that Max Factory’s Fasalina PVC from Gun x Sword [Play Asia] and Kotobukiya’s Clalaclan Phileas from Shining Wind [Play Asia] both went on sale today, and that if you were on the fence I’d recommend prompt action as they’re both looking like items hot enough to disappear from store shelves with alarming rapidity. Reviews of both will be up at HD in the next day or two. In other news, Hobby Japan mail order limited [ERO] Jingai Makyou Didii PVC is currently available for preorder at Play Asia as well, as is the recently announced Kuro no Franco from Zoku: Satsuriku no Jango. These listings and more have all been gathered on the newly updated HD release schedule page for your reference and perusal! Clalaclan and Fasalina preview pictures below:

Figure News: Hobby Japan November ’07 news roundup (contains ero)

Megahouse Holstein Hanako-san castoff confirmed, Alpha Omega C.C. and Karen in color, Queen’s Blade Nix and Airi castoff configurations revealed, Queen’s Blade Reina action figure and cell phone game announced along with first interior shots of the newest QB character books, Gurren Lagann Yoko coming in resin from Wave, ero-ero Hobby Japan limited Jingai Makyou Didii figure mail order begins. Pictures below:

Figure News: trio of Orchid Seed PVCs delayed

Figure maker Orchid Seed has delayed the release of three of their PVC figures originally scheduled to go on sale in September to some point in October: Ignis the White, [ERO] Chichinoe+2 Young Hip Cover Gal, and [ERO] Seihouin Erika. Given that this runs into the production schedule of a couple of their other kits I’m guessing we can expect delays in those as well. (no more)

Figure News: Max Factory’s Ino, Solid Theater’s Makimoto Misae up at Goodsmile

Goodsmile updated their product listing page today with two new offerings: the first from Max Factory is the Guilty Gear XX Ino PVC they revealed to be in production at Wonder Festival, based on the iconic Mitsumasa Yoshizawa resin kit from a few years back. She clocks in at 1/7 scale, 26.5 cm tall and a rather pricey 7,200 yen, and is set to hit shelves in December of this year. The second offering is from Solid Theater – the Makimoto Misae PVC we surmised to be in production at the beginning of the month, and was also confirmed at Wonder Festival. She’s coming to us in November via Toda Satoshi (Yume no Kagutsuchino Koukoku) and the Jingai Makyou novel Fantastique of Nine, with a retail price of 4,980 yen and standing 21 cm tall (non-scale). A couple of very nice items, if I do say so myself… this winter is going to hurt. ;_; We can look for preorders as early as this evening. (no more)

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: Orchid Seed, Yamato, Kotobukiya lineups

We take a look at the lineup of newly and recently announced items from Yamato, Orchid Seed, and Kotobukiya in this segment of our Wonder Festival coverage. Yamato and Orchid both have some [ERO] offerings in evidence, so browsing discretion is advised. :3

[ERO] Figure News: Cerberus Project Ignis (Wonder Festival resin kit ver.) KITAAAAAA~!!

Those following our Wonder Festival news may have noticed the appearance of a listing for a Cerberus Project Ignis kit buried deep in our recent rundown of garage kits present at this summer’s event. Yesterday afternoon Cerberus updated with pictures of said kit, and it’s safe to say the heroine of 2005 Nitro+ release Jingai Makyou has recieved a glorious new lease on life… I hope and pray that a PVC maker who can do justice to this will pick it up. Pictures below:

Figure News: Jingai Makyou serial novel featuring Ignis the Black, possible Makimoto-san PVC?

Back when we reported on the contents of the current issue of Hobby Japan, what we failed to mention was that along with HJ’s mail order offering of Ignis the Black a Jingai Makyou side story novel began serialization in the magazine as well. Yesterday Akiba Blog picked up that story and more, bringing news that “Makimoto-san“, a character appearing in the February 2006 initial novelization of the game, will be appearing in next month’s iteration of the story. While the Akiba Blog article only mentions that she’ll appear within the text of the serial novel, the side by side presentation of a photograph of Yume no Kagutsuchino Koukoku‘s Makimoto-san sculpt (along with her apparent disappearance from the sculptor’s site) raises the hope that we’ll see her incarnated in figure form at some point in the future. Pictures of novelized Ignis the Black and Makimoto-san below:

Figure News: highlights from Hobby Japan September ’07

Cobra Kai Shiranui Mai coming in PVC from Daiki Kougyou, Sekirei Tsukiumi and Matsu figures coming from Movic, Orchid Seed‘s Wonder Festival lineup includes a resin kit based on a Mogudan-illustrated [ERO] Comic Unreal cover, [ERO] Onegai Onsen (Onegai Teacher / Twins) trading figure set from Max Factory, [ERO] Cobra Kai Kanu Unchou PVC from Yamato, Kyon’s sister 1/4 scale PVC from Freeing, Ignis the Black via mailorder from Hobby Japan, next Megahouse Queen’s Blade figures to be Nix and Airi, Shining Wind Xecty, To Heart 2 Another Days Chie, Pani Poni Dash trading figures coming from Kotobukiya, Queen’s Blade book series sequel Queen’s Gate launching this fall with Nitro+ and Moetan characters, Code Geass breast mousepads coming from Bandai, Shirley and Suzaku independent resin kits featured. Pictures below:

Figure News: Orchid Seed’s Wonder Festival event limited Ignis the White unveiled

I’ve been trying to wait for substantial chunks of Wonder Festival news to appear before grouping them together into a post, but this one is so phenomenal it deserves immediate scoopage: Orchid Seed has just unveiled the limited edition of their Ignis the White PVC figure set for sale at the event, and boy is it a jaw-dropper. The phrase “alternate color version” doesn’t do this justice… if anything I’m even more tempted by this blood-red and black incarnation than by the original. There will be 200 units available at the event, but even at the rather steep price of 11,700 yen I’m expecting they’ll be gone within the first half-hour… ;_; Orchid’s gallery is reproduced below: