We first broke the news of a new Slayers TV anime back in February, and this evening we’re happy to report that the official site for Slayers REVOLUTION is now online! Details posted to the site reveal that the cast and staff remain unchanged from the original Slayers TV series (with the exception of J.C. STAFF now helming animation production), which is significant as it marks the return of seiyuu goddess Hayashibara Megumi to the small screen as Lina Inverse (the most recent of her increasingly infrequent TV appearances was as the childhood version of the school principal in episode nine of Manabi Straight). She will be joined by Matsumoto Yasunori as Gourry, Midorikawa Hikaru as Zelgadis, and Suzuki Masami as Amelia. Watanabe Takashi reprises his directorial role, and character design is from mangaka Araizumi Rui and Miyata Naomi. Series composition (writing) is from Takayama Jirou, who in addition to Slayers Next and Try also wrote several episodes of King Gainer. According to Moon Phase Diary the story will be a mix of elements from the original work that have yet to be animated, and material newly created expressly for the show.

I was never much of a Slayers fan back when the show was really popular, but this new incarnation looks like a lot of fun. I’ll be keeping an eye on it as development moves forward. (no more)