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Sugar Mint Complex Kanu castoffable?

We’ve been tracking the release of Happinet’s Sugar Mint Complex Kanu Unchou (armored version) figure since her initial announcement back at Wonder Festival, and further developments today heightened interest in what was already a highly anticipated kit. Moeyo! Akibajin Blog reports on a display found yesterday at Kotobukiya’s Radio Kaikan store in Akihabara, where a piece of her armor was removed from a resin cast sample of the kit. According to his report the area beneath the armor was contoured, but unpainted; Moeyo also notes that this is not the final PVC version, so her ultimate castoff status is still not certain. Definitely food for thought regardless, and another potential reason to pick up what looks from the samples to be a promising offering. (no more)

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Ayanami, Kanu, Didii figure updates

Three minor bits of figure news today: first is word from Kotobukiya that their plug suit Ayanami Rei will be reissued in September at 7,140 yen, 1/6 scale (20 cm tall), and with a sculpt from Shirahige Tsukuru. Preorders for the reissue should be open soon.

Next, online shop Ganbo Store has announced that preorders for a limited color version of Happinet’s armored Kanu Unchou will open officially at noon on May 22nd. We can infer from this that regular edition preorders will open around that same time as well, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for those in the next week or two.

Finally, Hobby Japan is reporting that their magazine-limited Jingai Makyou Didii will be shipping on May 21st. Those who ordered via Play-Asia or another proxy service can expect their deliveries to ship around that time. (no more)

SMC Belldandy preorder open

Happinet’s Sugar Mint Complex brand first gave us a glimpse of this figure back at Wonder Festival, and now it’s official: the Hiroman-sculpted Belldandy PVC from Ah! My Goddess is now available for preorder (currently only via Happinet’s official online shop, but preorders should appear elsewhere soon). She’s set for release in September at 7,770 yen retail and 1/7 scale (18.5 cm tall); we’ll bring further images when they become available, but for now here’s what’s online:

Figure Review: Chrono Gate’s Mylene Hoffman PVC from 009-1

There’s a limit to the amount of skin you can show on a figure and still classify it as non-ero, and Chrono Gate’s Mylene is just about at that limit. This is what initially drew me to the kit, and my appreciation of her original design and affinity for the 009-1 anime sealed the deal. Were these reasons enough to justify the purchase? I’m not entirely sure, but maybe you’ll have a more concrete opinion…

Figure News: Alter, Happinet present POP’s Alice in Wonderland in PVC

Famed moe artist POP presented his take on Fushigi no Kuni no Arisu (Alice in Wonderland) back in April of 2006, and now his vision is being enacted in the 3D realm in this new Alice PVC figure announced from Alter (production) and Happinet (sales and distribution) today. She clocks in at 1/8 scale (18 cm tall) and a slightly pricey 7,329 yen retail, with release scheduled for March of 2008; this looks to me like nothing less than an attempt to go head to head with Goodsmile’s recently announced Pastel Ink diorama figure, and I can only see an escalation of this war between former bedfellows as a tremendous windfall for fans of POP’s particular brand of hyper-saccharine cuteness. Alice is already up for preorder at Amiami and should be appearing elsewhere as I type this. (no more)