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Button Trance: Ar tonelico 2

One area in which HD has long been deficient is the realm of console gaming. One area in which HD’s web coding expert Jetfuel has long been proficient is, by coincidence, said console gaming – particularly of the “moe” variety that incorporates game play elements from roleplaying and tactical sims. Occasionally he gets to thinking about these things, and when he offered to put digital pen to paper and write some of those thoughts down for a new HD column I happily accepted. Here then is the first installment of Button Trance, featuring none other than Gust/Banpresto’s Ar Tonelico 2. We hope you enjoy! -Shingo

Bishoujo Game News: more on Ar Tonelico 2

Loyal Ar Tonelico fan and HD webslinger Jetfuel today represents with a translation of the Dengeki Online article that appeared on October 25th in commemoration of the Ar Tonelico 2 release, describing the premium event held on the 21st with the game’s seiyuu and producers. Reproduced here with his permission is the full translation of the article, which contains some amusing anecdotes from the production staff as well as an explanation of part of the game system:

Next was the explanation of “Dualstall”, sometimes called the “Bath System”. Dualstall is a system by which you submerge a Dualisno crystal into a bathtub, then the heroines bathe together, warming up their bodies and gaining power.

Read on for the full translation!

Bishoujo Game News: Ar Tonelico 2 goes on sale

Ar Tonelico 2, the most highly anticipated console RPG title of the year (in my own brain, at least) is now on sale! Its release was commemorated on October 21st by a premium event held in conjunction with the currently running Akihabara Enta Matsuri at which the creative talent behind the game rocked out, literally and figuratively, in praise of the title’s many obvious merits. Those wondering what all the fuss is about are advised to check out the demo movie available via the “special” tab on the game’s official website; the Wikipedia entry for the original game may also be of service. If you’d like to support HD with your purchase the game is currently available (Japanese version only) at Play Asia, as is the OST; shots of what you get if you are truly insane below:

Bishoujo Game News: Ar Tonelico 2 promotional video online

The October 25th release of Gust / Banpresto’s Ar Tonelico 2 looms closer, and in anticipation a promotional video was made available in the “Special” section of the official site yesterday (accessible via the Flash interface, or via direct download in WMV format here). As I don’t own a PS2 my enthusiasm for the title is hard to explain, but this game is looking seriously awesome – the music is just as good as in the original, and this time around they’ve really upped the ante in terms of the 2D and 3D animation. So pretty… As the original game was released by NIS America in English I’m guessing we can expect a conversion of the sequel as well, but those looking for instant gratification can pick up the R2 release of Ar Tonelico 2 at Play Asia (the soundtrack is available as well, for poor PS2-less sops like me who can only enjoy the game vicariously). (no more)