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Figure News: first ever Gundam 00 heroine figures unveiled

GA Graphic brings us the scoop late last night from the Banpresto booth at the 45th annual Amusement Machine Show: Wan Ryuumin and Sumeragi Ri Noriega, two heroines from the upcoming Gundam 00 TV series, will be seeing PVC figure incarnations. Since they’re from Banpresto and on display at the “Amusement Machine Show” it’s natural that these are prize figures, but they’re looking rather nice regardless (especially from certain angles)… With this as a starting point I’m cautiously optimistic that we can expect some good things from this batch of Gundam heroines in the future. These will be streeting in February of ’08, and we’ll keep you appraised of any preorder availability should it arise. (no more)

Figure News: highlights from Hobby Japan September ’07

Cobra Kai Shiranui Mai coming in PVC from Daiki Kougyou, Sekirei Tsukiumi and Matsu figures coming from Movic, Orchid Seed‘s Wonder Festival lineup includes a resin kit based on a Mogudan-illustrated [ERO] Comic Unreal cover, [ERO] Onegai Onsen (Onegai Teacher / Twins) trading figure set from Max Factory, [ERO] Cobra Kai Kanu Unchou PVC from Yamato, Kyon’s sister 1/4 scale PVC from Freeing, Ignis the Black via mailorder from Hobby Japan, next Megahouse Queen’s Blade figures to be Nix and Airi, Shining Wind Xecty, To Heart 2 Another Days Chie, Pani Poni Dash trading figures coming from Kotobukiya, Queen’s Blade book series sequel Queen’s Gate launching this fall with Nitro+ and Moetan characters, Code Geass breast mousepads coming from Bandai, Shirley and Suzaku independent resin kits featured. Pictures below:

Anime News: Gundam 00 announced, character designs by Kouga Yun

If you’ve been online at all in the past twelve hours you’re no doubt aware that Gundam 00 (“double O”) has been announced as the next televised Gundam anime, slated to air in TBS’s coveted Saturday evening prime time slot starting this October. Other news outlets will be covering this exhaustively over the coming weeks and months, but today I want to bring up an issue near and dear to the hearts of bishoujo fans: the character designs. While the fifteen second clip viewable on the official site shows us more variety and appeal in the male cast than Hirai Hisaishi has produced in his entire career (yeah, I went there), how does 00 designer Kouga Yun (Wikipedia), famous for her bishounen work on Loveless, draw women? The answer can be found in the pages of her mid-90’s manga, Gestalt – cover images below:

Figure News: fall ’07 prize figure lineup from Banpresto, Tomy, Sega

Online shop Rakuten Be-J scoops several new prize figure offerings today, now available for preorder for those lacking a nearby UFO catcher at which to try their luck: October will bring a pair of Lux and Cagalli Gundam SEED figures from Banpresto, with Lunamaria following in November along with a pair of newly designed Tetsudou Musume figures from Sega (I’m guessing Be-J is miscrediting this and it should actually go to Tomy). Perhaps the most interesting offerings will come in December with Sega’s set of Yamashita Shunya-designed Kasumi figures from Dead or Alive, and a pair of Gundam 0083-inspired Yoshizaki Mine figures from Banpresto. Pictures of all five sets below: