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FAQ: Purchasing from Japanese DLsite

While an English version of DLsite was opened a couple of years ago that contains much of the content of the Japanese version, inevitably a few desirable titles slip through the cracks, and as of posting the professional sites aren’t available in English at all. Fortunately for fans outside Japan, foreign credit cards are currently allowed on the Japanese side of the site; unfortunately, to take advantage of this one must be versed in some rudimentary aspects of the Japanese language. Until now! Our latest FAQ installment brings detailed instructions on how you too can partake in the bounty of formerly forbidden doujin and eroge goodness:

FAQ: Sourcing Images

Tired of spamming 4chan’s /r/ board with fruitless image source queries? HD shows you how to mine the nigh-limitless resource that is the Japanese otaku collective brain trust in this first installment of what will hopefully become a regular site feature: Shingo Answers Questions To Which He Believes People Might Not Know The Answers And To Which Said Answers Might Prove Useful.

We call it: the FAQ.