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Weekend Event Roundup: Dream Party Osaka, Clayz Matsuri, Queen’s Coliseum II, Sukima Festival

In this post we hit the highlights of several events that went down over the November 3-4 weekend: Dream Party Osaka, the Kansai version of Dream Party Tokyo; Clayz Moe~ro Matsuri, the yearly expo of Clayz figures and work by associated sculptors (blog); Queen’s Coliseum II, the first [ERO] doujin event to take place at the Taitou building in Asakusa following the dropping of the censorship banhammer; and Sukima Festival, a collection of niche themed doujin events that just happened to also include Hatsune Miku and Gurren Lagann.

Goods News: more from Dream Party

Moeyo! Akibajin Blog has posted a rundown of the action at yesterday’s Dream Party, and there are some tantalizing bits indeed. We see here what may be an entirely new figure brand dubbed “First Class”, which will launch with three figures: one from Yuria Hyaku-shiki, and two from Hitoyume. Given the [ERO] sources odds are good that they’ll be at least partially castoff. We also get the aforementioned taste of Resinya’s lineup, a first look at the Ikkitousen hug pillows coming from Machi Chara, and a glimpse of Solid Theater’s offerings from Yotsunoha and ef. Ahh, I want this poster… (no more)

Figure News: Dream Party fallout includes Rider, Fiina

Akiba Hobby and Dengeki Online are the first to report in on the figure action at yesterday’s Dream Party Tokyo 2007 Fall, the former bringing detailed looks at Goodsmile’s maid version Rider PVC from Fate / hollow ataraxia (first scooped here), due out in March of ’08 at 1/8 scale and 4,800 yen retail, and Max Factory’s Fiina (swimsuit ver.) PVC from Yoake, due out in February at 1/8 scale at an undetermined price. For its part Dengeki brings a general survey of the whole event, with shots at the very bottom of the upcoming Resinya Toradora! line. In other news, a bit from the Plamo / Radicon Show that we missed: Kotobukiya has a maid version Tamaki PVC from To Heart 2 coming out in February at an undetermined price. We’ll keep an eye out for further Dream Party news as it emerges throughout the day today. (no more)