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Kanokon pulled from free online broadcast

Moon Phase is reporting tonight that following episode seven, TV anime Kanokon will cease free distribution via online broadcasters GyaO and BIGLOBE. The reason given for the move is “ethical regulations”, which appear to have kicked in following the repeated depiction of racy visuals such as bare breasts, implied handjobs, flashes of nipple exposure, and etc. Apparently a particularly memorable scene occurs in episode eight that the free broadcasters weren’t willing to test against government regulation (Edit: the objectionable content was from “episode 7 and beyond” – not ep. 8 specifically), so from now on online viewing options will be restricted to paid only. Note that this currently does not affect any of the show’s terrestrial broadcast networks; we’ll keep an eye out for any further developments on this story or related censorship issues that may arise. (no more)

Editor’s Desk: chronicling the erosion of 2D free speech

Whether you’re a fan of loli or kyonyuu, futanari or shota, twins or tentacles, figures, anime, manga, or doujinshi, increased public scrutiny in Japan is affecting the nature of your hobby – right now. What follows is a reckoning of events that while superficially disconnected combine to show the changing face of otaku media, a landscape less colorful and varied in its delights and perversions than it once was, and one that may never be the quite same again.

Weekend Event Roundup: Dream Party Osaka, Clayz Matsuri, Queen’s Coliseum II, Sukima Festival

In this post we hit the highlights of several events that went down over the November 3-4 weekend: Dream Party Osaka, the Kansai version of Dream Party Tokyo; Clayz Moe~ro Matsuri, the yearly expo of Clayz figures and work by associated sculptors (blog); Queen’s Coliseum II, the first [ERO] doujin event to take place at the Taitou building in Asakusa following the dropping of the censorship banhammer; and Sukima Festival, a collection of niche themed doujin events that just happened to also include Hatsune Miku and Gurren Lagann.

Protoculture News: latest word on the doujin crackdown

The Yomiuri Online today reports that the Metropolitan Boueki Kaikan Taitou building in Asakusa, the site of several dozen small doujin events each year, has closed its doors to adult doujinshi – perhaps for good. The Yomiuri article cites investigation of the content sold at Abnormal Carnival as the reason prompting the closure (declaring it “judged as an unfit use of public space”), but apparently it’s not just ABC that is affected: Queen’s Coliseum II has been contacted, and we can assume that other near-term events have as well. This development has the potential to put a serious dampener on the niche doujin scene that had depended on the facility for space, and while other privately owned locations are no doubt available for rent it is unclear in what form such events will survive. I’ve sold there as a circle myself on two occasions and been there as an attendee many more, and I’m going to miss the place… we’ll be keeping a very close eye on this situation as it develops. Update: further details below:

New Site Poll: Is visual censorship an issue for you?

Japanese adult media, whether it be anime, manga, figures, games, or live action pornography, is intimately linked to the concept of visual censorship. Manipulation is done to all of these that serves in various ways to obscure objectionable content to greater and lesser degrees; while it can vary from the deliberately stylistic portrayal of the offending regions to a thin black bar to a massive mosaic that occupies the entire screen, today’s question is not about the type of censorship but the simple fact that it’s there. Does it bother you enough to be a deal-breaker? Is it irritating, but bearable? Or do you not even notice it anymore? Note that this doesn’t refer to the censorship of themes, merely the obscurement of their visual representation. (no more)

Anime News: Kodomo no Jikan broadcast schedule settled (?), official blog claims “takebacks”

The official site for the Kodomo no Jikan anime posted an apology yesterday clarifying the chain of events leading up to the show’s broadcast cancellation on the AT-X cable/satellite network. As AT-X had earlier claimed, the network wanted to broadcast the show (in its fully censored version) with an age warning attached. The anime production committee did not agree, citing a desire for the show to reach “the broadest audience possible”, and thus the broadcast was pulled. Earlier the official Kojika anime blog had claimed that the blame for the cancellation lay entirely with the AT-X editorial staff, a claim which was retracted yesterday by erasing of the offending post. Out of sight, out of mind, apparently… at any rate, at present broadcast has been confirmed to continue on both Chiba TV and KBS Kyoto, as well as the upcoming free Biglobe webcast. The future of the controversial show is secure, for now. (no more)

[ERO] Game News: Atu Works’ Oaruji no Tame ni Kane wa Naru recalled due to inappropriate CG

According to an official statement released by Atu Works yesterday, their September 28th, 2007 released Oaruji no Tame ni Kane wa Naru eroge is being recalled due to the presence of a non-compliant CG image detected by the review board of the Ethics Organization of Computer Software (the regulatory organization that screens the majority of professionally released PC software in Japan). The nature of the image in question is unclear, but past offenses have usually been tied to the accidental omission of mosaic; such voluntary product recalls have been the financial ruin of eroge makers in the past, existing as they do on the thinnest of margins with their fortunes staked on the successful release of each game they produce. Indeed the official Atu Works site currently seems to be intermittently up and down, but game descriptions and sample images for the title in question can be found here, here, here, and here. (no more)