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[ERO] Figure News: C-Works’ Bible Black Shiraki Rika up for preorder, POLO System Wendy from Gun x Sword, etc.

Online shop Infinity Wonderland put up a preorder listing yesterday for [ERO] C-Works’ Shiraki Rika PVC from Shin Bible Black vol. 4 (first scooped back in November). This figure continues in the notorious tradition of Imari and Saeki, with a sculpt from Tainidou Tinykid and skirt and chest castoff configuration; it’s scheduled for release in April at 6,825 yen (size details are not disclosed in the listing, but she’s presumably 1/6 scale like her predecessors). In other news, an entry yesterday evening on the Goodsmile blog shows off the flexible shirt gimmick of Max Factory’s POLO System Wendy from Gun x Sword. This makes her a bit more interesting than originally expected… Finally, preorders were up briefly on Goodsmile’s official online shop yesterday evening for their Dark Elf Female PVC from Lineage II. She sold out within a few hours, but hopefully the release of this new batch onto the market will make her a bit easier to come by second-hand. (no more)

[ERO] Figure Review: C-Works’ Saeki Kaori PVC from Bible Black

When C-Works’ Imari came out in April I thought it highly unlikely that I’d ever buy another figure from the brand, and yet here I am, suckered into yet another purchase. Thankfully Saori isn’t quite as bad as her predecessor, but the thumbnail alone speaks volumes: this is not a good figure. Worth picking up regardless? Perhaps… Note: this review contains spoilers from the final episode of the Bible Black anime.