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Bible Black eroge sequel announced

Despite lacking a major game release since Discipline in 2002, troubled eroge brand Active has managed to limp on thanks to the enduring strength of its turn-of-the-century Sei Shoujo creations. Today Getchu put up a product listing for yet another extension of one of his storied franchises, dubbed Bible Black -The Infection-. It’s known history that Sei Shoujo left the maker several years ago (to form Empress) so his lack of involvement here is evident; the Getchu listing does not credit whatever artist and scenario writer(s) they have on duty. Game description, further details and sample CG below:

Miyabiya’s Bible Black Minase Yukiko preorder open (updated)

Online shop Web Omocha brings the surprise announcement this evening that the next figure in rookie maker Miyabiya‘s lineup will be Bible Black‘s Minase Yukiko. Like Imari Kurumi and Takashiro-sensei before her she’s sculpted by Souden Sonamae, and is scheduled for release in September at 1/8 scale (20 cm tall) and 5,670 yen retail. Her halter top and skirt are both castoffable. Update: full image gallery below:

Figure Review: Miyabiya’s Bible Black Imari Kurumi

When we first came across this kit last November I was excited by the prospect of a Bible Black figure coming from a maker other than the infamous C-Works. As the flagship release from a maker new to the scene I felt Miyabiya’s Imari was worth checking out, and the previews painted a guardedly optimistic picture of what lay in store – but just how does she stack up against the competition? Read on!

[ERO] Figure News: C-Works’ Bible Black Shiraki Rika up for preorder, POLO System Wendy from Gun x Sword, etc.

Online shop Infinity Wonderland put up a preorder listing yesterday for [ERO] C-Works’ Shiraki Rika PVC from Shin Bible Black vol. 4 (first scooped back in November). This figure continues in the notorious tradition of Imari and Saeki, with a sculpt from Tainidou Tinykid and skirt and chest castoff configuration; it’s scheduled for release in April at 6,825 yen (size details are not disclosed in the listing, but she’s presumably 1/6 scale like her predecessors). In other news, an entry yesterday evening on the Goodsmile blog shows off the flexible shirt gimmick of Max Factory’s POLO System Wendy from Gun x Sword. This makes her a bit more interesting than originally expected… Finally, preorders were up briefly on Goodsmile’s official online shop yesterday evening for their Dark Elf Female PVC from Lineage II. She sold out within a few hours, but hopefully the release of this new batch onto the market will make her a bit easier to come by second-hand. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Miyabiya’s Bible Black Imari Kurumi PVC up for preorder (updated)

Amiami’s noon update today included a listing for rookie maker Miyabiya’s first project, an [ERO] Imari Kurumi PVC figure from Bible Black. First scooped by us (mistakenly as a C-Works item) back at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition, last month’s issue of Hobby Japan brought clarification as to her origins and a decent sized prototype image of the figure, along with release details that are confirmed today: she’ll be available in March at 5,040 yen retail and 1/8 scale (15 cm tall), with a castoffable bra part and apparently three options for clothing her lower half, implying castoffability there too. The sculpt is from heretofore unknown creator Souden Sonamae, based on the cover illustration of volume 3 of the original Bible Black R2 DVD release. More information and color images as we find them; prototype and DVD cover images below. Update: color images of the kit have been found! See below:

Eroanime News: Warau Kangofu 2 stills, Shin Bible Black final episode trailer online

A couple of bits of eroanime news across the e-desk this morning: first up courtesy of Getchu is a preliminary look at episode 2 of Warau Kangofu: THE ANIMATION. Based on the Yonekura Kengo eromanga by the same name the first volume came out on October 26th from Pink Pineapple, and according to the Getchu listing this second one is scheduled for release on January 25th. In other news, a trailer is now online at the official MS PICTURES site for the final installment of Shin Bible Black. Firefox isn’t cooperating particularly well with the flash implementation there so you may have to view in an alternate browser, but it’s worth booting the dreaded IE to take a gander – looks like quite the climax to the series. As we reported earlier, this final episode is slated for release on December 25th. (no more)

Figure News: Hobby Japan January 2008 leftovers

We’ve already scooped the bulk of what was new in this month’s issue of Hobby Japan, but after getting my hands on an actual copy of the magazine last night I noticed a few other odds and ends that might be of interest. Includes updates from Witchblade, Kimikiss, Code Geass, Queen’s Blade, Bible Black, and Nitro+ character designer Niθ; details below:

[ERO] Figure Review: C-Works’ Saeki Kaori PVC from Bible Black

When C-Works’ Imari came out in April I thought it highly unlikely that I’d ever buy another figure from the brand, and yet here I am, suckered into yet another purchase. Thankfully Saori isn’t quite as bad as her predecessor, but the thumbnail alone speaks volumes: this is not a good figure. Worth picking up regardless? Perhaps… Note: this review contains spoilers from the final episode of the Bible Black anime.

[ERO] Anime News: Shin Bible Black final volume to be released on December 25th

The long awaited conclusion to the Bible Black saga is upon us! Amazon’s listing says so, and it fits in with MS Pictures‘ standard release pattern. There is some sort of poetic justice (injustice?) here… Fans of Sei Shoujo not occupied with more wholesome pursuits this holiday season will have plenty to look forward to, what with this and the release of the Discipline eroge on December 18th. (no more)