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Figure News: Konami’s Bemani Lilina PVC gets the green light (barely)

We’ve been tracking the progress of preorders for Konami’s Beatmania IIDX Lilina PVC figure over the past several months, and with the final deadline back on October 28th it seems she just barely made the 2,500 unit preorder cutoff required to trigger production. She’s set to go on sale on March 14th of next year at 4,935 yen retail and 1/8 scale (12 cm tall). Unlike Iroha, the first Bemani figure in this made-to-order series who cleared her 2,500 unit preorder quota with ease, Lilina required a three week extension to make the cut; while a third installment in the series is apparently planned it seems that if fan enthusiasm continues to wane Lilina may be the last that we’ll see actualized. If you’d like to support HD with your Lilina preorder, she’s available now at Play Asia. Update: figure sample image below:

Figure News: preorder window for Konami’s Bemani Lilina PVC extended

Hinazuki Lilina, the second entry in Konami’s Beatmania IIDX figure series, is not dead yet! We thought it was unlikely back on October 6th that Lilina would reach her 2,500 preorder quota necessary to trigger production by the original cutoff date of the 9th, and it turns out that premonition was correct. Instead of dropping the project entirely however Konami gave her a new lease on life, allowing preorders through October 28th. As of the 20th they’re still 314 units shy of the goal, so it’s looking to be a close thing… I don’t know whether this counts toward the preorder total or not, but Play Asia has her listed as available for those pondering the purchase and hoping to influence the outcome of events. (no more)