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Goods News: weekend hug pillow roundup

Via the Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute and my own random surfing: several dakimakura items of interest came to light over the weekend, the first of which is a pillowcase from goods maker Axia featuring Maaryan-sempai from To Heart 2 XRATED. The case sports two original illustrations from artist Urotan and clocks in at 160 x 50 cm, scheduled to retail in late December at 10,500 yen (telephone card included). Next, word is in from Chara@ that they have two eroge-based pillowcases in the works: one featuring the tragically recalled Atu Works game Oaruji no Tame ni Kane wa Naru and original artwork by Amakawa Akito (sample here); the other from Black Rainbow’s [ERO] Saiminjutsu 2 featuring Sakurai Sawa and original art from Yoshino Keiko. Both cases are double-sided and will retail in late December at 150 x 50 cm and 12,000 yen. Finally, Toranoana has listings up for a pair of mechamusume-themed pillowcases from the pages of MC Akushizu vol. 4‘s “do you like aircraft carrier sisters?” series: the Makishima Azusa illustrated Kuubo Ootori and the Usami Haruka illustrated Kuubo Akagi. Both are 150 x 55 cm, double sided and scheduled for release at 7,140 yen in January; Tora preorders close on 11/16 for Akagi and 11/23 for Ootori. Pictures below:

[ERO] Game News: Atu Works’ Oaruji no Tame ni Kane wa Naru recalled due to inappropriate CG

According to an official statement released by Atu Works yesterday, their September 28th, 2007 released Oaruji no Tame ni Kane wa Naru eroge is being recalled due to the presence of a non-compliant CG image detected by the review board of the Ethics Organization of Computer Software (the regulatory organization that screens the majority of professionally released PC software in Japan). The nature of the image in question is unclear, but past offenses have usually been tied to the accidental omission of mosaic; such voluntary product recalls have been the financial ruin of eroge makers in the past, existing as they do on the thinnest of margins with their fortunes staked on the successful release of each game they produce. Indeed the official Atu Works site currently seems to be intermittently up and down, but game descriptions and sample images for the title in question can be found here, here, here, and here. (no more)