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Medio enters the dakimakura business

Via the Dakimakura Integrated Research Center: Based on user feedback solicited last September, online otaku goods shop Medio yesterday announced the first in what is to be a series of original dakimakura hug pillowcases from the brand: Ryouko-san no Moe Moe Haa Haa Dakimakura Cover. The case features original illustrations from Atelier Kaguya character designer Choco Chip of the popular Shirakawa Ryouko, who appeared in both the Anejiru and Nurse ni Omakase eroge. The pillowcase is double-sided, 160 x 50 cm in size, and is available for preorder now at 12,000 or 11,000 yen retail (depending on the fabric type desired). Release is expected on June 27th. Case images below:

[ERO] Goods News: bust up! Chest-enhanced mousepad coming from Atelier Kaguya’s “Enjoy”

The phenomenon of the contoured bust mousepad is not a new one, but the dubious accessory is set to undergo a minor step in its evolution with the release of an [ERO] Mizuki-sensei oppai mousepad from Atelier Kaguya’s recently release eroge Enjoy. Featuring the character Onda Mizuki, the item’s chief draw is its faithful rendition of her relatively large bosoms – a sample of which are pictured here, in comparison with the earlier released Asuka-chan oppai mousepad from Osana Najimi to Amaku Sugosu Houhou. I always assumed that these pads were of uniform dimensions with images printed on each regardless of the size of the character in question, but the comparison shots show that variation in fact exists… This peculiar item is available exclusively via Medio’s online shop, and is set for release on December 21st at 4,995 yen. Thanks to Akiba Blog for the scoop! Mousepad images below: