The official site for Mnemosyne was unveiled a few weeks ago, but today Moon Phase Diary brings news of an Anime Fan News scoop that fleshes out what we know about the title (and provides a piece of rather provocative character art to ruminate on). The show is being produced by GENCO and XEBEC in commemoration of satellite cable channel AT-X’s 10th anniversary, and is scheduled to air in six 45 minute episodes beginning in February of 2008. Character concepts are from eroge designer Chuuou Higashiguchi (known for his work on several Nitro+ games and Propeller’s Bullet Butlers, most recently), scriptwriting is by Oonogi Hiroshi, with direction from Ueda Shigeru. The show is described by Moon Phase as “erotic and violence SF action”, and speculated to carry an “R” (15+?) rating as a result. This is one we’ll be keeping an eye on as production advances… (no more)