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Maritan Nendoroid announced

An intrepid anonymous at 2chan’s mokeiura board posted an image today from what I assume to be the new volume of Maritan Drills that came out over the weekend, announcing plans to produce a Nendoroid action figure based on the Magical Marine Pixel Maritan design! No details beyond the initial planning have been announced, but the foul-mouthed bloodthirsty English profanity-spewing moe mascot character is an ideal candidate for Nendoroidization and I can’t wait to see what they come up with… We’ll keep an eye out for further news. Announcement image below:

Event Report: “Maritan to Hanasou!” Book Signing

In the midst of my trip to Tokyo last weekend, my keitai rings. It’s Shingo. “Hello? What’s up? We still meeting today?” I ask. “Maritan to Hanasou signing event at K-Books in Akiba. Starts at 11. I can’t get in in time. Can you make it?” comes the distorted voice (his phone ain’t so good) of HDs Editor-In-Chief. “Hell’s yeah,” I reply, looking at the nearest subway clock. “I can be there in 10 minutes,” I say. The next train is coming in 5 minutes and I have to travel one stop then change from subway to JR Line.

Protoculture News: Maritan Goods Update

In this time of war it would be remiss of us not to cover the efforts on behalf of everyone’s favorite moe magical marine mascot, Pixel Maritan. HD scoops the fresh dirt, taken straight from her official site’s info page.

Mainichi Junk: May 12th, 2008

Today’s Updates

See below for a quick look at last weekend’s Futaket, as well as other assorted hijinks:

Mainichi Junk: April 27th, 2008

Today’s Updates

See below for additional news, pillow talk, whoredom, and DADADA:

Mainichi Junk: April 1st, 2008 (part 2)

April Fools Stragglers

Sekirei Anime Trailer Online!


Sony has been shuffling the URL over the past couple of hours so I’m not sure where it will finally end up, but as of posting it can be accessed here (but only via Internet Explorer, because this is Sony and we know they like their DRM!). They’ve also graciously provided a set of ready-made screen shots, which despite being in Flash are much nicer than any that could be taken from the video at the bitrate it’s offered.

The video is 2 minutes 18 seconds, with enough content to get a feel of where they’re going with the animation (for the first few episodes at least). It’s not the best work I’ve seen but it’s not at all terrible either, and I’m guardedly optimistic – the designs are pretty well adapted from the manga, which is the most important thing, and it doesn’t seem like they’re censoring things much (though the DVD version will be a must, given the amount of nekkid Musubi action that can be expected). I can’t wait to see more, especially once the voice work is in place.

Facts and Figures


Tonight’s acquisitions! Miku, Pocco, and Ryomou, the three stooges of hotness. Or something. Reviews of all will be coming as soon as I can recover some of the enormous sleep deficit I seem to have accumulated over the past several nights. For now, if you’d like to purchase any of them via the links above I would be terribly obliged.

In a final word tonight before I keel over, interesting things are afoot in the world of anime. I have decidedly mixed feelings toward Gonzo, but this is the kind of innovation the industry desperately needs – for the sake of all concerned, fans and creators alike, I hope it succeeds. More on this and other anime and figure stuff soon.

Game Book News: Queen’s Gate official site open

The official site for Queen’s Blade spinoff series Queen’s Gate is now open! Based on the Lost Worlds series of combat game books from Flying Buffalo Press, Queen’s Gate serves as the portal between the Queen’s Blade series and the creative works of other brands joining in partnership to release other characters in the Lost Worlds format. The first two installments are Mon wo Hiraku Mono Arisu, designed by Niθ of Nitro+, and the POP-illustrated Magical Girl Pastel Ink, heroine of the Moetan anime and English otaku phrase book series. Both combat artbooks are scheduled for release on November 30th at 1,500 yen each, and like their Queen’s Blade counterparts will be hardcover and full color. We’ll be keeping an eye out for further news on this series – could Maritan be next? (no more)

Newsbit 0008

Happy Birthday, Navy-san!

Comiket 72 Goods Roundup, Part I

A survey of some of the random items up for grabs at August’s upcoming Comic Market 72, including a fleet of hug pillows, a brace of doujin figures, a pair of plushes, a sausage, and a folding fan. Mero~n!

Weekend Hobby Roundup: April 20th-22rd

Bits and bobs of news from the hobby world collected over the past week(end), including new figure announcements from Kurushima, Musashiya, Ootsuka Kikaku (that’s their moe-moe tank school captain in the thumbnail), and Max Factory (Toradora!). New official sites up for several previously-announced figures as well as further details on items such as Solid Theater’s Play Stationery 2 and Maritan to Hanasou! F・●・C・K!

Figure News: Amazon posts sample photos of Megahouse Queen’s Blade Tomoe and Erina

As reported earlier, the next characters cast in Megahouse’s Queen’s Blade Excellent Model PVC lineup are slated to be Tomoe and Erina. Today Amazon posted sample photos of each (Tomoe, Erina) which give a slightly better feel for the kits than the earlier scans; I’m especially amused by Erina’s sausage-wielding ways. Perhaps it’s Maritan sausage? They’re both Hobby Japan properties, after all… Both figures are currently listed as intended for ages 15 and up, though I’m guessing that may change to 18+ as further details are revealed. Edit: Hobby Stock now has them up for preorder as well (Tomoe, Erina), listed at a July street date. (no more)

2007 April Fool’s Site Roundup

Japanese sites take their foolishness very seriously, and this year seems to be no exception. In the final hour of April 1st, here are some resources for those seeking enlightenment in zen and the art of bakadom:

Saturday Morning Figure Roundup

In today’s update: maid cafe Pinafore gets a Megahouse action figure, Solid Theater gets a brace of stationery-themed mascots, we preview next weekend’s Clayz Moe~ro Matsuri (and how!), Konami distracts you from the desert of the real with its digital Diorama Studio, Maritan gets an online PX and a couple of Comiket figures, and other stuff you’ll just have to read to find out because it’s not worth mentioning here. or maybe it is…

Comiket 70 Event Report, Day 1: Shigoiteyaru!!

August 11th 2006 was the first day of Comic Market 70, and HD was there – in multiple incarnations. This is Shingo’s story, in which you’ll find a good deal less Kanon than in Shipon’s offering, but a good deal more of Maritan telling you to masturbate. Also: video from a train station, industry loot pictures, and a mini-review of Toranoana’s newly opened Cafe With Cat. HD’s hot hot Comiket coverage continues!

Heisei Democracy Negative Campaign

In commemoration of HD’s relaunch there’s a party in the forums, and if you’re reading this, you’re invited! Create a forums account now and you might win some super cool stuff – check out the full post for more info. [EDIT] The contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who registered!

Mainichi Junk: Odoru Aka-chan Ningen

In today’s update: we rock in summer vacation with a whirlwind tour of random media newsbits from the past few days, and a roundup of figure news. The least moe thumbnail image ever? You decide.

Sunshine in the Rain

In which HD attends his first doujin event in several months, gets very wet, meets some people, applies to participate as a circle himself, picks up the second volume of Maritan’s drills (at a very girlish Toranoana), eats a Cinnabon, and gets home late. Why sleep when there is caffeine? *twitch* EDIT THIS POST HAS BEEN HIJACKED BY THE SOS-DAN. LAY DOWN YOUR WEAPONS AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT.

Mainichi Junk: Nothing Too Fancy

In today’s update: get your hikky on with the official site launch of the NHK ni Youkoso anime, watch a Binbou Shimai Monogatari trailer, take a gander at some Tsuyokisu anime screenshots, preview the latest from Makoto Shinkai’s Comix Wave, ogle a bevy of new Taraku Uon character designs, discreetly peruse a week’s-worth of ero scoops, marvel at Wild West mizugi Navy-san, lose your wallet to Natsumi’s swimsuit cold-cast, and check out them band-aids!

Mainichi Junk: Bucketful of Thoughts

In today’s update: the SOS-dan represents with various news from the Haruhi front, Seirei no Moribito broadcast details (a full 26 episodes!), studio ufotable gets an in-house cafe and a Manabi Straight anime, Dragon Age Pure gets a second volume, Media Factory launches a new manga serial, several bits of eroanime news (including “the world’s first shota” and a new Yakin Byoutou spinoff), Harthnir enters the eroge market, Alter’s Ignis PVC goes color, we hear Maritan’s voice for the first time, and more. Is HD finally back in action?!

Mainichi Junk: Shounin Sezu!

In today’s update: Kami-sama Kazoku trailer, Maritan Drills vol. 2 (FUCK mo SHIT mo FULL VOICE), Kimi Kiss mooks, Alter’s Last Exile trading figures – Mechamusume – gargantuan Mina resin, Iinchou Does Not Approve, an artbook from Fragments Blue designer Horibe Hideo, and some general tinkering with the column design.

Mainichi Junk: Moexploitation

In today’s update: Demonbane benchmarks, Planetarian movies, Gift animes, Witchblade gravures, Stringendo episode twos, Kurushima resin kits, Sakura Taisen Pinky Streets, elf girls, School Rumble bookends, and the two peaks of Kilimanjaro.

Mainichi Junk: Majo Cafe

In today’s update: Zegapain anime site fully open, Melty Blood Act Cadenza coming to the PS2, Cave offers 500,000 yen for the best artistic arrangement of their Ibara figures, several AVGs see conversion from PC versions to the PS2, various incarnations of moe in Majo Cafe – 2/3 Ai no Kyoukaisen – Moeru Diet Nineball-hen, name that eroge, Tsuyokisu official fan book announced, Muv Luv Alternative first lot sold out, Valis Cross is a blast from the past, and a few token figure scoops from Hobby Japan.

Mainichi Junk: Undercover

In today’s update: a first glimpse of animated Simoun, several scoops from STG maker Cave, a few random game and anime-themed concert events in the works, April Tech Gian on sale and with it a raft of new eroge announcements (four thus far), some Banpresto prize figures, and the tip of the iceberg that is the broader Japanese coverage of Wonder Festival (including a humorous Maritan anecdote). Stay tuned as we try to catch up with the figure news typhoon of the past few days…

Mainichi Junk: Girding for Battle

In today’s update: anime returns to the silver screen with the announcement of Dennou Coil, an Ar Tonelico OVA and manga, the Disgaea 2 OP animation, Kyou no 5 no 2 promo clip and cast details, REC’s DVD release costs $1 a minute, the weekly web radio roundup, Leaf’s Fullani music player, Terios’s next eroge title announced, Kotobukiya’s Sela-chan PVC to be reissued, Gun x Sword trading figures on sale along with Cowboy Bebop’s Spike and the Fastech 360S train girl, and a few last Wonder Festival scoops leading up to tomorrow’s event.

Mainichi Junk: Inconsequences

In today’s update: Disgaea TV anime preview trailer preview trailer, Idol Master anthology comic and drama CDs, Eva movies on UMD, maid-guided tours of Akihabara and a related HD-only special offer, Cave’s Ibara becomes a web manga, Muv Luv Alternative site update, more drama CD news, speculation on the eroge industry, Key’s planetarian sees a package release, and the most moe bit of political speech ever crafted by the spin masters at Maritan HQ.